We can grow consistent seedlines only by crossing certain parent plants. But some self-seeding crops produce seeds so readily that as long as you give them time to flower and mature, and set seed, you will always have free plants growing in your garden. Cover the seed lightly. Thanks, Sherry Post #2422798. If you’re prepared to put in the time, start with seeds. There is also a wide range of results in height and color from the seed that I've collected and purchased, but all of them are beautiful. Generally, delphiniums do not grow true to seed. Step 4- Pots. Delphinium is popular for cut flowers and cottage style gardens, but they do require a good deal of work. I'd love to buy delphiniums in six packs, I've … Some varieties can grow up to eight feet (2 m.) tall. You should use a disease free seed sowing mix to avoid “damping off” to which delphiniums are susceptible. Bookmark. However, any seedlings you raise Most seed packets just advice a dry chill, which is not as effective as a wet chill. Quote. Delphinium seed germination is sensitive to high moisture and temperature. Delphiniums may also need to be staked if the area is largely open. I cut off the dead flowers. They also dont give me a second rush of blooms like the reseeded ones do. This helps with the even watering of the seeds and also helps to keep the surface moist while preventing the … Growing Delphiniums from Seed Those parent plant crosses have been tested over many years for colour consistency, germination and vigour. If planting the Delphiniums seeds in pots, try using some fine gravel or grit in the soil. Self-seeders are plants – usually annuals or biennials – that scatter copious amounts of seed into the soil. Store the seed in the refrigerator in a sealed container until ready to plant. Place seeds on moist towel in bag in fridge for 36 hours | 90% germination rate after 11 days (no change after that). dmac085 Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a) Jul 02, 2006. After trying this with numerous varieties, it seems the combination of exposing the seeds to moisture along with the chill is the winner. Now do I have to let them dry out or did I already mess up? Can someone tell me how to collect seeds from my delphiniums? How to Start Delphinium From Seed. If I save seed from your delphiniums, will it breed true? They produce spikes of stunning small flowers in blue, deep indigo, violent, pink, and white. Grown for their tall flower spikes and deeply lobed foliage, plants of the genus Delphinium add height and color to garden borders and beds.