Very showy, Syringa x persica (Persian Lilac) is a compact, densely branched, deciduous shrub of graceful, rounded habit, with wide panicles, 2-3 in. The upright, arching branches are clad with large, lanceolate, dark blue-green leaves which remain attractive in summer. According to Dirr's book Hardy Trees and Shrubs, this lilac is comparable to Syringa x persica, Persian Lilac in most characteristics except the leaves. The leaves are deeply lobed somewhat like those of a marigold so they give the plant a light and airy appearance. The cutleaf lilac shows excellent heat tolerance and blooms well in partial shade. This is a different plant than Melia azedarach, also sometimes called Persian lilac. He says it bears reasonable flowers in partial shade, and that it is one of the most heat tolerant. The fragrant lavender flowers which appear in 3'' heads in midspring are unmistakably lilac. Positive: On Dec 9, 2005, bigcityal from Menasha, WI (Zone 5a) wrote: Excellent foliage shrub. Deciduous shrub, 6-8 ft (1.8-2.7 m) tall, dense, rounded mound. long (5-7 cm), of richly fragrant, pale lilac flowers in late spring. Syringa × persica, the Persian lilac, is a hybrid, thought to originate from a cross of Syringa × laciniata and S. afghanica.Its height grows up to 4–8 ft and spreads about 5–10 ft, and prefers warmer winter climates (Zones 5–9) than many species of lilac.. If you saw this plant without its flowers you'd never guess it was a lilac.