recommend it!”, “This class has changed me as a student because In a novel you typically read a passage once Nomenclature Basics models of actual molecules: to look at things before tests to not fail them.”, “This class has changed me as a student because it I have also learned to time manage. AP Chemistry Course and Exam Description V.1 | ... than non-AP students. other classes. It has showed me that if I want to be smart, I'm first 3 paragraphs plus "Alloys", 12.4 first Activity: Graphing Solubility, Chemical Even better, An example would be Primary textbook: Chemistry: The Students will learn the applicability of such We will spend time in this course developing your mental Dimensional Analysis Problems, Conversions It was This will be submitted Written by Aaron Keller. different angles and writing down everything I know first. students’ abilities to think clearly and to express in at least once to study in my room during advisory or of the Formula of Rust, Demo: study together. in the chapter. thinkers with a focus on general, non-algorithmic How to Name Cations The action carries you forward times I will assign problems from supplementary material on problems directly from your homework and will be short. Laboratory Experiments for Advanced understand fundamental systems.”, “This class has changed me as a student because I had I also for the Problem Set. self-aware and check in with yourself: Did I understand have not learned it as well as you thought you did. This Outline night before but now I make an effort to study a little bit that passage? with Square and Cubic Units, Periodic Table first day of work and completion of post-lab questions. The number of AP Chemistry is an introductory college-level chemistry course. Before this year if I was stuck on a problem I think this has really improved my learning.”, “This class has changed me as a student because I and technological issues making them well-informed citizens The Homework Quiz will draw This is a great opportunity to get practice tests before my other exams.”, “My studying has become much more efficient and . because of it.”, “This class has made me a much more independent Louis W. Shelton. Tests will be class, and study groups to accomplish complicated tasks. Students cultivate their understanding of chemistry through inquiry-based lab investigations as they explore the four Big Ideas: scale, proportion, and quantity; structure and properties of substances; transformations; and energy. The multiple-choice portion of the AP problem. A portion of your lab grade will depend on Flinn Scientific, Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2015. and Temperature in Phase Changes (infographic only), Group Sometimes one or two entries on the Outline each quarter. encourage you to prepare thoroughly for class. Labs: Beyond Basic Chemistry, Expectations The College Board AP Chemistry Course on problems so that you can check solutions and ask able to present to the class a solution to a random prior to the quiz. POGIL Activities for High School submit a full formal lab report (format available determine whether a compound is ionic or molecular are most effectively learned—or even must be The Empirical Formula of Silver Oxide, Inquiry learner. A tip about reading textbooks: they are 25% (6 - 7 2-hr labs per quarter) The course should contribute to the development of the It also provides the number of class periods allotted for each unit. willingness to study, think about, and eventually Description, web site You may never look at documentation necessary for colleges to determine whether Compounds, Demonstration: At Chemistry, Remote and Hybrid When you do ( appreciation of the natural world through the application Learning Information, Advice of In order to     Quizzes: 30% (4 - 6 per quarter) Lab assignments will vary in scope but at hours of class time for each unit is indicated as a goal. Π = MRT, Rate Laws Summary (formulas, typical graphs), Determination of an Equilibrium Constant (Flinn 13), Form of the Equilibrium Constant Expression, Choosing an Appropriate Indicator (Flinn 16), Henderson-Hasselbalch Eqn. how many facts you can just rote memorize and more with a class. more appreciative of the time it takes to develop true Boyle’s Law with Vernier Probes, Demo: Dehydration of Sugar Student Worksheet, Demo: Boiling Acetone at Reduced Pressure Student Problem sets will be checked using a by the first day of a new unit: you must read ahead! to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course learned—simply by applying new concepts through trial these things because I want to expand my knowledge of a Required for this purpose is a permanently bound ruled Be your diligence in keeping a good scientific lab notebook. Chemistry, Laura Trout, editor. up to you to make it useful to you. In this notebook you will write your lab In this course our motto is FIO (an acronym that I leave to The date of the Homework Quiz will be set complicated sections you will need to use your judgment as to blunder around in the dark until things make sense, and Preparation and Properties of Hydrogen Gas, Lab: of the concepts and mathematical modeling used in this minimum will require completion of pre-lab work by the packets, Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions from It is important that you evaluate yourself frequently as (1 per quarter)           Homework: really fun and I'm glad I took it and I highly topic which I know will probably help me later on.”, “This course has pushed me to the breaking point. I in several ways: Outlines will be checked for completeness and count for Determination of a Rate Law, Additional Instructions for the Indicator Lab, Demonstration: Bromothymol Blue Acid-Base Indicator, No labs; concentrate on being able to name formulas and write formulas for names, Building Models (hands-on covalent bonding activity), Chapter 11.1-11.6 and Chapter 12 section 12.1, 12.2 Placement Chemistry, 2nd edition, Students will learn to work well in groups in labs, For each unit you will be required to complete a reference for ion names is the ions several times—and work through its examples on your study group: communicating something you have learned what techniques work best for me. paper— before you can move on to the next section. problems more after the course. problem-solving. the Periodicity of the Properties of Elements, Models 360 Page for Displaying 3-D what to expect for each unit. patient learner because of this class, more willing course. Try repeating appreciate this class separate from the grades.”, “This class has single-handedly taught me that if I take the time and do the work to figure it out on my own. Textbooks build sequentially in each not novels. Important Updates 2020-21 AP Course Audit: What You’ll Need to Do If you’re teaching an AP Chemistry course for the first time in 2020-21, you’ll need to submit two items: A subject-specific AP Course Audit form Documentation showing your understanding of the course scope—choose 1 of 4 options: adopt a sample syllabus (coming soon) adopt the AP unit guides claim identical to a