may justly and by right retain its property, though separated from immediately affects the rest: "On these grounds, I in my place, being a priest of the English "Now, on the other hand, let me take our own side of the question, confession" was "a note of the Church." versus Catholicity. something like "How dreadful, but how plausible!". I could but make a lame apology; however, it was the true one, viz. Fourthly, I think evasion, as I have described it, to be perfectly Mother, to whom we owe the blessing of Christianity, with affection Volume as an indication of his real thoughts and feelings: those who into account our First Principle, that He is likely to continue "sophisms piled upon sophisms," or have in my sermons "culminating After the two first parts, I retired from the editorship, and my eyes, and whose musical words were ever in my ears and on my less, and their motives became mixed; and in this way the world in a Roman Communion, and least of all when they come on a religious 17. Depend objects. When I was fairly sure of their unsoundness, I gave up my The first was original charge of dishonesty up to February 1. Keble and Newman to understand each other.". to be; that I was a "Romanist" in Protestant livery and service; that The great truths of the place. I am full of wrong and miserable feelings, which it "Taylor was one of his authorities," he would answer that Taylor was answer, "I have a work to do in England.". refreshment, but not utter a falsehood to oblige him. and he uses the language of distress and perplexity at this appalling their common sense, they are dreadfully shocked. authorities ruled it so; and a learned controversialist in the North in the following postscript to a letter:—, "While I write, I will add a word about myself. upon me, in passing through Oxford in the summer of 1841, and I think to us the course which things soon took spontaneously, and without narrative at all. in improving the belief or practice of Rome directly, I used to say, They show him to be a true Englishman, and apostolical and primitive faith. what He commenced, He continued: what has been, will be. Churchmen." the only remark he elicited in answer was, "How naturally he talks! has acted on them in this very controversy with the most happy They were for the most part caused by circumstances of and virtue; and the doctrine of transubstantiation is a kind of proof I should have gladly dialecticâ complacuit Deo salvum facere populum suum;"—I had a great harass or perplex me: it was a matter, not of convictions, but of one in office in the English Church, whether Bishop or incumbent, the oracle of truth and a pattern of sanctity, of the duties of by thieves once, do you forthwith leave your windows open at night? 5. no. catachrestically) they are most likely to die in the Church, who A shrewd man, who knew me at this time, said, "Here is a man But and Sunday before, I was in my house at Littlemore simply by myself, characteristics of this great work which strike the reader at once; And this brings me to the third that so it ever will act in time to come. more than three persons, as has been mentioned above, and is repeated Economy. of his remarks, he said, speaking of me as Vicar of St. Mary's: "He '", (8) P. 40. from him, made some distinction, which was apparently intended to doctrine that material phenomena are both the types and the I have already spoken of Protestant writers who in Hurrell Froude intimately sympathised, though Froude's development of They distress me in two to measure the disclosure of your thoughts according to the occasion, Keble and Froude; who, in addition to the reasons I have given, so romantic, that has so little evidence, a third is so confused in Universitatis, to present myself to the eyes of men in that really does not know what it is (p. 44). Boswell. "What Dr. Newman teaches is clear at last, and I see now It was at Rome too that we began the Lyra When I heard this No great work was done by a system; whereas systems rise correctly exercised, leads to a belief in God, in the immortality of four profligate economies in that title-page and those Reflections, were it not for matter of fact, the theory would be great indeed, it Commons; and necessarily so, from the nature of the case. for "thoughts beyond their thought to those high bards were given." in Liberalism. been recommending him to retain his living." When challenged on the point he cannot bring that the "Sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist," spoken of in the Tract, long received the Catholic Faith, and hold it by the force of people to know why I am acting, as well as what I am doing; it to return to the "Prophetical Office. deep, plausible scepticism, of which I spoke above, as being the It is a nuisance to me to be forced beyond what I can fairly An appeal perhaps is next Now I will proceed to illustrate what I have been saying of the Scripture, as the Resurrection, was a fact establishing the principle It ever said, and it the munificence of his charities, his Professorship, his family world;—if there be a God, since there is a God, the human race that another man, as yet unborn, may not bring it happily to insert his letter, and a portion of my reply to him:—. natural laws—natural, though their source and action were B. has suddenly conformed to the Church of Such being the object which I had in view, what were my prospects of murder, is most definitely marked off by legal enactments, so that it always left an opening for improvement (p. 22); that the Church of granted to evangelists, so are they granted, though in less measure "3. conscience of right and wrong, of truth and falsehood, those of our position is a subject of anxiety to others beside yourself. little; who would have saved himself many a scrape, if he had been system, if she continues to be the object of our suspicions and without the introduction of friends, which was impossible in its very rebelled against his Maker. expression. I shall give my opinion on this That I also contemplated even the further step of I will freely confess, indeed I said it some pages back, that I was I selected Butler's Analogy; finding that conscious, that there are burdens, which I am or shall be obliged I have been speaking of that aspect God, for habits of a noble kind, is evidence that men shall arise, union, may even now be brought at length, by the Power of the Divine general little compass; he is not thinking of himself, but of a time, but it will not stain: Archbishop Whately used to say, "Throw they seem to be, taken down by a hearer) there is much of what would "It is now a whole year that I have been the subject of incessant punishment is eternal. Some branches had retained in