One of the most common variants of this recipe is a chicken tikka balti. Coconut shrimp gets an Indian curry makeover in this ethnic recipe. Heat the oil in a wok or balti pan, add the onion and cook for a few mins. This recipe is very simple to tweak and change. Add the parsnip, squash, tomatoes and stock. Recipe Variations. This vegan curry calls for a number of spices to get that authentic Indian flavor. Add the balti curry paste and cook for a min. For an even more colorful dish, try adding red or yellow peppers as well as the green. That is because this balti curry recipe is prepared using the curry house tradition of preparing the sauce separately and adding to “stir-fried” ingredients. Vegetable Broth. I used these Maggi vegetable bouillon cubes for this vegetable curry. Chock-full of chopped vegetables, seasoned with lively Balti curry seasoning and served over rice, this dish is as delicious as it is simple. Method. If you want to simplify, you can feel free to substitute 2 tbsp of a good quality curry powder or a store bought Balti spice mix.