Thanks Juan – I hope you find these podcasts useful! It is quite … There are so many catchy songs you already know! And the feeling of the song is perfect for lots of situations when you need to calm down. This is a song that I heard throughout my childhood. Most often this is felt by someone whose partner, their wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend has left them. Wisdom is difficult to describe – well, for me, but that’s probably because I’m not very wise, ho ho. Song Lyrics – Ed Sheeran – Castle on the hill. And when the broken-hearted people living in the world agree. You hit the nail on the head with the lesson. So perhaps you’re baking a cake and you didn’t have enough egg so you tried adding some milk. If something comes to you, it’s very direct and it’s normally used to talk about ideas or solutions to problems. Meaning I was in a depressed state. At a glance, the vocabulary is C1 – Advanced so I’ll put together a podcast for next week. It’s like saying “it’s cool – everything’s going to be fine”. Normally we say good night at the end of the day before someone goes to bed. You can find a transcript of this podcast on Today, I want to talk about a Beatles song called We can work it out. Normally, to work something out means to solve a puzzle or find a solution to a problem. Broken-hearted means overwhelmed by sadness. We can solve the problems in our relationship, if you would just try to see things from my perspective. These are multi-word verbs such as “let down”, “take your time”, and “find out.” “The particle verb will appear in the crossword exactly as sung by the Beatles. It was a real campfire singalong song when I was growing up. In this situation, it means it’s the end. Today, I want to talk about a Beatles song called We can work it out. In this instance, you’d have to say we’ll have to wait and see if the cake is any good. It’s quite poetic so I think it’s usually used for big decisions, decisions that take some time for the consequences to be realised. The song starts: When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. So, there are 8 useful phrases and items of vocabulary from the song We can work it out. In the last verse, the tone is more optimistic. Although Paul McCartney has not said it and denies faith in an organised religion, I always thought this was a song about God and religion. Remember, there is a webpage for this podcast on LearnEnglishVocabulary where you will find the transcript and some language activities to test yourself to see if you have learned the vocabulary from this podcast. I also really enjoyed completing the lyrics below to test myself! This is a song that I heard throughout my childhood. God bless you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If there are any songs you would like me to talk about or anything else you would like to hear, I would be delighted to make a podcast for you. Hello and welcome to Learn English Vocabulary. I can’t think of anything to do. And in my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me. If you see or look at something from another person’s way, it means you imagine what they must think or feel about the situation. You’ll be fine. So please visit and say hello. My name is Jack and I’m making this podcast for you to learn or revise English vocabulary. Try to understand this situation from my perspective, from my point of view. The lyrics are not very complicated and when I first looked at them, I wasn’t sure there was much for an upper-intermediate learner, but looking closer, there are some useful phrases. I can’t think of anything. The phrasal verbs list that is presented in this lesson will be easy to learn and understand due to the fact that you've already heard these songs with phrasal verbs. To go on means to continue. To get something straight means to make something clear, that is, make sure the people involved understand what’s happening. In positive sentences, it means the same as carry on. Hello and welcome to Learn English Vocabulary. When you use take you simply take a risk if you do something dangerous. I have found eight useful phrases and although the vocabulary might seem pretty common, the uses are quite advanced. It is very enjoyable for me to work with scenes and songs, since in the end it feels good to understand them in a different way. I find myself means I discover that I am. Did anything strange happen to you yesterday? Although they are apart. Today, I’ve been surprisd finding your podcasts, and when I listened to some of them, my mind was blown. Let it be - The Beatles. Filling the gaps. The risk means the possibility or chance of something bad happening. We do say let someone be, meaning leave them alone, they know what they are doing. Do I have to keep on talking ’til I can’t go on? Nothing, I’m going to let it lie for now. When I was a child, I used to go on holiday in Scotland and stay in a caravan on a farm. Now, this is not a phrase that’s very common in regular conversation. The last lines in the verse are: I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me. Normally modal verbs are taught as grammar, but I think I can find a way to fit them into a podcast here. If we say someone is making a fuss, it’s implied that we don’t think they have a good reason to be so worried.