After looking at our picks for the best subwoofers for home theater systems and going through the buying guide that talks about the different factors that make up a good subwoofer, you will find yourself in a better position to choose the one that meets your requirements in the best possible manner. (2,464) If you want a subwoofer with the best output capability, look no further from the BIC America F12. Consider combining your subwoofer with one of Household Audio’s Best A/V Receivers, Best Tower Speakers and Best Bookshelf Speakers! Package - Bose - Bass Module 700 Wireless Home Theater Subwoofer and Soundbar 700 Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant - Black User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 2464 reviews. The BIC America F12 is a 12-inch front-firing powered home theater subwoofer that has been described to be a “powerful subwoofer that packs a punch” by many Amazon customers. I've put this guide together to help you choose the best one for your system. With the said features, Polk Audio PSW125 Powered Subwoofer is the best choice for your home. I've put this guide together to help you choose the best one for your system. Take some time to evaluate which of these factors is most important to you. The highest priced subwoofer doesn’t always mean it’s the best for your home theater. The best powered subwoofers give better bass and thump to your audio or home theater setup. It has an attractive design, a 12-inch front-firing woofer, and 600-watt peak and … The Best Powered Subwoofers for Your Home Theater System. Polk Audio PSW125 Powered Subwoofer comes in a black and attractive design that is not only the best sound quality but also the elegance added to your home. One of our top choices for most people is the Kilpsch SPL-120 at Amazon. (These speakers are also known as “active subwoofers”.) A powered subwoofer includes both the speaker and a built-in amplifier. The best overall Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer for a price : If you have never experienced the audio of home theater and the excitement that comes with it or you want to complete your sound system, then the PSW10 is the best choice you can get. The size of 12-inches comes with 150W of continuous, and 300W of the dynamic power amp. Having the right powered subwoofer makes a real difference in the quality of your home theater experience. A subwoofer is a speaker that is dedicated to playing low-pitch, deep audio frequencies more commonly known as “bass”. Enhance Your Home Theater Experience! Looking for a full home theater experience?