Birthday cake liquor recipe ings 6 21st birthday cakes with alcohol photo cake be the life of party with these 15 jello shot recipes pinele upside down cake jello shots crafty morning cake batter shots the pike place kitchen. (From Erica's Sweet Tooth) Sprinkle with gelatin and let sit 3 min. Now you can have your cake..and take it as a shot, too! Birthday Cake Jello Shots Recipe The Boutique. (240 ml) Cool Whip 3 oz. How To Order Cake In Usa. Post navigation . Start by whisking together the 2 boxes of instant vanilla pudding and 1/2 cup of the yellow cake mix. Me To You Birthday Cake. Yield: 22 shots. We were going to a friends birthday pool party and I wanted to bring something special that went with the occasion. BIRTHDAY CAKE PUDDING SHOTS 2 oz. Birthday Cake Jello Shots 2 c. Vess cream soda 2 tbsp. Sprinkles help to add color and candy flavor into the mix. Any brand will do. That’s where these birthday cake pudding shots … Next add about half a cup of rich, decadent cake vodka. cream of coconut OR sweetened condensed milk 3/4 c. cake flavored vodka (or vanilla) 1/4 c. frangelico 1 1/2 envelopes Knox gelatin. This is a tasty little shot that looks just like a little cake tart after it sets and turns into a cute little birthday cupcake shot after it is topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. HOW TO MAKE BIRTHDAY CAKE PUDDING SHOTS: To make that oh so delicious cake batter flavor and consistency, first grab the box of vanilla instant pudding mix. How To Make Birthday Pudding Shots. Related. Since jello shots are so typical of me, I wanted to change it up. Pudding mix, dry cake mix, some cake flavored vodka, and now we really have a party! I am the queen when it come to Jello shots I make them for any occasion I can. Add liquors. Birthday Cake Pudding Shots are the grown up birthday treat you have been waiting your whole life for! Mix it all together with a cup of cold milk and chill for two hours. Add half a cup of dry cake mix. Then whisk in the Bailey’s Almande and milk, and finally stir in the cake vodka. Chill. Making these birthday cake vodka pudding shots is ever so much easier than whipping up an actual birthday cake! Cook time includes 4 hour chill time. Combine soda and cream/milk. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. (180ml) Milk 4 oz. These Birthday Cake Pudding Shots are really the gifts that keep on giving — they taste delicious, and they'll get you tipsy. Posted in: Specialty Jello Shots. Heat on low until dissolved (5 min). (120ml) Cake Vodka 4 oz. These little B-day shooters combine cake vodka, milk, Cool Whip, and vanilla pudding.