On completion of residency, doctors must pass a test; if they pass, they are “board certified” in that specialty or specialties (you can be board certified in more than one field). How to use board-certified in a sentence. You are also going to need to pass the board exams, which can … What is the time and cost to become National Board Certified? "A patient who selects a board-certified physician knows that doctor has … Speaking generally, board certification will require a physician to have a full medical license and to have completed an accredited residency program. You can pay as you go and the timeline for completion is 1 to 3 years. Board Certification is the process by which dentists (DDS, DMD), physicians (MD, DO) or other healthcare practitioners in the United States demonstrate through written, oral, practical, and/or simulator based testing, a mastery of the basic knowledge and skills that define an area of dental/medical specialization.The commonly used acronym BE/BC (board eligible/board certified… In some cases, the timeline can extend up to 5 years. But state licensing systems do … The National Board Teacher Certification … Patients can check the board certification status of a physician through CertificationMatters.org. The total cost is $1900 ($475 per each of the 4 components). Board-certified definition is - being a professional whose qualifications have been approved by an official group.