Cardamom tea and its essential oil are likely to only contain a portion of the compounds responsible for its health effects, so spice powder may be the most complete form of supplementation for health . Side effects of an allergic reaction are serious and can include breathing difficulties, chest discomfort, hives or swelling of the skin, explains It can trigger allergic reactions if it doesn’t suit your body. Although cardamom seeds are safe for consumption, they might cause nausea, vomiting, and allergic reactions in some cases. You can also read is there any side effects of cardamom and how the cultivation of cardamom started. Over drinking might increase the heat of your body. Cardamom benefits for males in various terms and drinking cardamom water at night can more beneficial if you are thing about losing some weight. Common sources of cardamom include the seed pods, spice powder (ground seeds), essential oil, and tea. Cardamom is considered safe for use by pregnant and breast feeding mothers if taken in food amounts. Don’t worry, they are few and far between, just that some people may be allergic to it and people with gallstone issues may have to exercise caution in using it, it may react with certain medications as well. Cardamom tea safety and precautions Side effects. Although cardamom is a spice with many benefits for our health, there are also some contraindications and side effects that are associated with its consumption, if not done correctly or in large quantities. Cardamom is not advisable for people with gallstones as it might lead to severe abdominal pain. Cardamom may be considered safe for most people in food amounts and there were no reported side effects from its consumption. People suffering from gallbladder stones must not consume it. Side Effects of Cardamom Tea. Consuming cardamom is good for health, it offers benefits we discuss in the below section. You can try different cardamom tea recipes to make more delicious or to enhance healing effects. cardamom tea benefits are well known, but cardamom tea side effects also exist. Patients who experience any of these allergic reaction side effects after taking cardamom should seek emergency medical care immediately to prevent additional medical complications. Use during pregnancy the tea is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds like phenolic acids, terpenoids, phytosterols, vitamins, and minerals which can prevent various chronic and acute inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, asthma, Hypersensitivity, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), muscle cramps, dementia, Alzheimer's, stomach ulcers, and dermatitis with minimal side effects. Cardamom side effects. Side Effects Of Cardamom If you regularly use antidepressants, medicines for the digestive system, or aspirin-like drugs, you should consult your doctor before using cardamom regularly. That’s quite a list; but as with everything else, don’t go overboard on it, there are some side effects of sipping on Indian cardamom tea.