A belt drive garage door opener is supposed to run smoothly and silently, but when its motor starts to give way, you may notice squeaking sounds coming from the opener. I’d rather not replace it in the dead of winter, if I don’t have to. Next to that screw are two adjusting screws that are used to stop the motor after it makes electrical contact with the traveling thingy. From there you should follow the directions that Chamberlain has on it’s site to … It feels normal when I lift it manually. If this is the case, they need replacing immediately … This second reason is more serious: Your rollermay be defective. Lately it is not opening or c... Just replaced the carriage on the opener and now I do not get any power fro... Tryobuilt Model 10942 S/N W814871 I know - came with the dirt. I am able to detach the opener, and manually lift the door, and that sounds normal. My garage door has the side springs and I found that some of the rollers and pulleys had bad bearings and weren’t working smoothly. It was louder without the door attached; the door seemed to absorb some of the vibrations. I have Chamberlain openers and had one go bad with symptoms similar to what you describe. Do a Google search, to find for example: Sell parts? I’d replace it. It is an attached garage though, so it wouldn’t be that cold. Were you able to see all the way around the main gear? Also check that none of the rollers are out of their tracks. I am no more than a shade tree mechanic and function under theory that if something is not working, I can’t make it not work any worse. I bought some white lithium grease for the gears, and some spray-on silicone garage door lubricant that mentioned chains for the chain and track. Fix: Replace the main gear drive. I’d replace it. Its lubricating effects are rather short-lived. If the garage door opener makes a grinding noise but the door doesn’t move, your main drive gear is probably toast. Find out the manufacturer and model number. It takes some work, but the work is less than that of fitting a new opener, getting the mounting brackets placed right, etc. Website operating For everyone who is merely reading, see the video showing the insides of a Liftmaster pull/push style door lifter. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. Its a DIY job, since the wiring is all in place, and the weight is not too much (if it was a roller door, the doors has its weight on the lifter… but when its a door puller , it doesn’t have that weight ) Find the Chamberlain garage door opener technical support you need to help fix any issues you may be having with your garage door opener and parts. If the long part is a chain, consult a bicycle or motorcycle shop for the best chain lube. My Craftsman opener of about the same vintage failed a few years ago, also during a cold snap that had caused some ice buildup. If you hear a garage door grinding noise, it could be the rollers. If the long one is the screw gear, you can wipe off the old grease, which will by now be black, and re-grease it with a lithium white grease (Lubriplate is a good brand. Replacing Craftsman 18 year old door opener. My kids left it open during and for a while after shoveling the snow, but when my wife closed it, she didn’t notice any more noise. (That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any noise, though.) When was the last time your chain was lubed? They will be ok. they have no load. My chain-driven Craftsman opener is a bit older than yours. Newer GDOs are safer. I did mine alone, but I had to borrow a 2nd step ladder and make some temp. They have the safety ‘eye’ at the bottom. Mine has both of these. Remove it and see what the damage is. The main drive gear is the most common component to fail on most openers...The gear alone should cost you less than $20. DoItYourself.com®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent The belt moves around a foot or so without the door being engaged making a ... How to program Genie Pro 88 Screw Drive Garage door opener. home improvement and repair website. [B]My garage door openers were installed by me 18 years or so. it seemed the noise got a little lower. The garage door opener may be making clicking noises as a result of the security lock. The main drive gear is the plastic gear that comes in direct contact with the worm drive gear on the motor. When I pulled the motor cover, plastic filings were everywhere. They measuring the travel . Our garage door opener just began making a loud grinding noise, and wouldn’t lift the door. I haven’t wiped off the chain yet, or put the opener case back together yet, so if there’s any more advice someone wants to give, go for it. Step 1 – Check the Motor. (I tried Googling, but 2 of the 3 sites recommended WD40. I applied them and ran the opener back and forth with the door unattached to spread them around, then attached the door, and the opener was able to lift it. The door itself seems to be OK. Check the owner’s manual, and see if it uses standard garage door opener lube (white grease), or some sort of dry lube. If the garage door opener makes a grinding noise but the door doesn't move, your main drive gear is probably toast. Anyone know? They have the safety ‘eye’ at the bottom. If I need to replace it, is that a DIY item? I suggest taking away your garage door opener’s X-Box and maybe assigning extra chores. It’s not the door. Will that even help, or did I probably break a gear tooth or something? On some systems, the garage door opener installed on the wall will override commands from the remote control opener, and the system must be unlocked from the wall pad. I’ve also heard good things about “The Total Transformation” by James Leahman. Why would not everyone get a direct drive garage door opener? You’ll need to find the manual for it here and determine what type of chain you will need and search for it here. If this is anyone’s failure mechanism, I recommend just changing out the gear. Squeaky Garage Door or Garage Door Grinding Sound When Opening or Closing. Parts were readily available from the manufacturer for about $30 online and it took me two, maybe three hours to tear the system down and replace the gears. It’s a Craftsman opener. Small dents on the tracts of your door opener can interfere with its proper function. Do they have a website? From informational videos to product manuals and troubleshooting articles, the Chamberlain Group resource library has the information you need. I’ll hit Home Depot on the way home, and get the main gear grease, and whatever I can find that’s recommended for the chain.