Anonymous. What do you think of these two spellings? 1 Claire. Please let me know if you love Clare though - BabyCenter Australia Posted by. Baby #2 EDD 11/5/19. Lv 5. 3 Clair :) 2 1. It’s actually #1 on my HB’s girl name list. Claire dear,like the author :Rene Claire,is more common than Clare-Both are but real. Baby Name - Clare or Claire? So we are narrowed down to two girl names, one of which is Claire/Clare. I decided I prefer Claire. Go back to school and get that retardedness checked out. Claire has been the trendier way for 10 years or so now but for kids born in the 70s it was more often Clare in Australia I believe. 0 0. Definitely prefer Claire. Archived. I’m ok with Clara, which I pronounce Clair-ah (in Midwest USA). Sometimes the ‘Claire’ spelling looks better depending on the other names (eg Claire Harrison, Clare Hughes) other times it depends on person (Mary Clare looks Irish, Marie Claire for someone more continental / French) It's such a pretty name, and the spelling 'Claire' looks the most feminine. Anonymous. I really like Claire. 3 1. ϐѕϐ Φ ωιƒє and mommy! Poznaj moc minerałów zamkniętych w produktach Clare Blanc My only hesitation is that it’s a one syllable name, and I generally prefer 2+. I know several Clares and only 1 Claire over 30. : My husband and I love the name Clare but I am realising that she will probably forever be saying 'Clare with 'i'.' 9 months ago. Team Blue! Those are both completely different names there not the same and they don’t sound the same. If so, I think we should make her life easier! Report 0 Reply 1 decade ago. Kosmetyki do makijażu, które pielęgnują skórę. 2 Clare. Clare or Claire? I prefer clare (I think because I’m Irish and this looks more authentic to me) and as a middle. Claire, I think, is the most common spelling in general, but I have 2 family members named Clair (and no Claires).The SSA puts Claire at #53, Clare at 718 and Clair isn't in the top 1000. 9. 2 years ago. I completely agree on Emilia, it’s a gorgeous name, as it Emily. Clare & Clair look unfinished to me. Baby Name - Clare or Claire? But it’s a lovely name either way. Is Claire the more common spelling? I was thinking about this just last night! 1 decade ago. Close.