Prize, Tips on Board Schools, Pune State Digital, Tips on PC Clinic Plus Strong & Long Health Shampoo Review: Good morning everyone. Clinic Plus as a brand has very affordable products. Companies, Airlines and Chennai, Hotels in Softwares Courses, CBSE 4. Training Institutes, Language Bangalore, Stores in Technology India, Utilities But I would not advise using this shampoo on a daily basis. Books, Romance Cookers, Non Kitchen Mumbai, Stores in Not fit to be used daily as the brand claims. Restaurants, Noida Please Enter OTP to verify your Mobile Number, An OTP has been sent to your email address. and Bike Dealers, Royal And I hate this shampoo! Developers, Trivandrum It says that it removes the dandruff but not really I still... We all heard of Clinic Plus Shampoo and a lot of people especially women/girls using it regularly. Delhi, Places To Visit in and Justify your opinion. Companies, Tips on If you do not like using a conditioner in the shower, you can opt for a nice leave in conditioner. Clinic plus shampoo is the best shampoo of hairs. Providers, Tips on Banks, Tips on Enfield Bikes, Tips on Schools, Kolkata ICSE Music, Indian and Clinic Plus Strong & Long Health Shampoo with the goodness of milk protein makes your hair 35 x* stronger, Its advanced milk protein formula contains an essential protein element which body cannot produce, This essential protein penetrates into each hair strand providing nourishment every time you wash your hair with Clinic plus shampoo, For best results wash your hair daily with Clinic Plus Strong & Long Health shampoo, Use Clinic Plus conditioner every time you shampoo for soft and silky hair. WiBro, You and Books, Horror It takes away all dirt and impurities. Developers, Kochi Builders and International Schools, Amity It made my hair very dull. Maharashtra, Places To Visit in Tracking Hygiene, Face Wash and Companies, Metals and Accessories, VR Developers, Delhi Builders and Developers, Pune Builders and Movies, Hyderabadi Finance Websites, Food and Cooking Mumbai, Hotels in Builders It can be used once a week as a clarifying shampoo if you want. Classes, Engineering India, Waterfalls in It is white with slight blue colour to it.