The Bitch in Yoo est une chanson et une diss song du rappeur Common.Ce titre a été publié la première fois, en 1996, sur la compilation de Relativity Records intitulée Relativity Urban Assault puis en 2000 sur l'album Crossfaderz de Roc Raida et en 2010 sur la compilation Go! It teaches you how to make beats. The Dr Drum is a Digital Beat Making Software. When Ice Cube responded with “Slaughterhouse” in response to Common’s attacking track “In Love with H.E.R”, the latter once again retorted with his new track. ", in which Common criticized gangster rappers. [verification needed] March 25, 1997 "Kick in the Door" The Notorious B.I.G. Common: Ice Cube, Mack 10 and WC: The trio's earlier track "Westside Slaughterhouse" "Westside Slaughterhouse" was itself a response to Common's 1994 song, "I Used to Love H.E.R. The only song that disses Common was "Westside Slaughterhouse" off Mack 10's debut album. The song first appeared on the Relativity Records compilation Relativity Urban Assault and later on Roc Raida's Crossfaderz.It was also performed live alongside De La Soul on their album Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996.The b-side of "The Bitch in Yoo" is "The Real Weight", a solo track by No I.D. Common was getting at Ice Cube real hard for switching his whole style up to whatever was the flavor of the month and for being in movies. He calls Ice a “has been”, and accuses him of stealing his words and using it out of context. Look at Common now. The way Common described the West on "I Used To Love H.E.R." Com’s verse on his reply has really heated up this beef. sounded like disrespect, so Cube had legitimate reason to come out with the diss … ICE CUBE ON N.W.A AND JERRY HELLER. Common came out harder, and won that battle. "The Bitch in Yoo" is a single and diss song released by rapper Common in 1996. I don't recall Ice Cube having a diss song of Common with those verses. I do not own this music. Common Classics.Une version live figure également sur l'album Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996 de De La Soul, sorti en 2004. Track: “No Vaseline” Year: 1991 You want to learn how to make beats? Common came back with "The B*tch In Yoo". (See Common ’s Ice Cube diss.) because Common made a song called i use to love H.E.R and ice cube sdaid Common was Dissing the West Coast so he mad a diss song about common then common made his 7 0 ghey