Definition of Concave Mirror. A concave mirror is a spherical mirror in which the reflecting surface and the center of curvature fall on the same side of the mirror. The parallel incident rays fall on the mirror’s surface and the rays reflect and meet at a certain point known as the focal point. Let's look at what happens to rays of light, traveling at approximately 186,000 miles per second (the speed of light), when they strike a concave mirror’s surface. Concave mirrors show different type of images, depending on the distance between the mirror and the object reflected. A concave mirror is a spherical mirror, which has a reflecting surface, dented inwards. It cannot be used to produce real images. Definition of a Concave Mirror. The image produced by […] A convex mirror is a curved mirror that forms a part of a sphere and designed in such a way that light falling on its shiny surface diverges upon reflection. Hence, it is also called a diverging mirror. Concave mirrors are used as headlights, torches, head mirrors, solar furnaces, microscopes, telescopes, etc. When we place this mirror too close to an object, you get a magnified and virtual image. Concave mirrors are converging mirrors. Definition: What is Convex Mirror? This type of mirrors are … They are also referred to as converging mirrors, because as the light falls on the mirror, it collects the light and refocuses the parallel incoming rays. A concave mirror is composed of a reflective surface with its sides curved closer in distance to your eye than its middle surface. Concave mirrors are curved mirrors that bulge inward. Concave mirrors reflect and focus incoming light rays (parallel) at … Concave mirror’s shape is similar to a spoon. Satellite dishes use concave mirrored surfaces to receive and redirect signals.