That is good… but not that good. The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) is pleased to present industry sales and sales force figures for 2019. Direct selling is one of the primary forms of doing business. Our objective is to show people, you can make an honest living with MLM, Direct Selling working with all kind of Direct Selling Companies. The DSA represents 26 direct selling companies that distribute goods and services through direct sellers (independent contractors) directly to consumers in a face to face manner generally away from a fixed retail location. Sales figures are expressed at Estimated Retail level and exclude Value Added Tax. The global industry’s growth rate had been 6.1% in 2014, 7.6% in 2015, and 1.9% in 2016. Nu Skin is a multi-level business model that encourages direct selling in fifty-four global markets via 1.2 million distributors working independently. Small entrepreneurs use it because of the low margin on products or because of the lack of funds to establish a retail store.. On the other hand, there are many companies which use it along with other methods of selling … The ranking: the estimated earnings are based on Internet research, earnings claims from conventions, downline, upline, crossline information, direct selling magazines and through our 70+ reporters. Introduction to Direct Sales. Except as footnoted, figures for sales and independent representatives are based on the entire industry. For direct selling companies looking for enhanced business competitiveness and steady growth in 2020 and beyond, keeping up with the latest industry data is crucial. The direct selling industry is using a unique compensation plan when it comes to generating results and inviting success. The WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations) has reported recently that the direct selling industry’s sales volume was $189.6 billion in 2017, representing an increase of 1.6% compared to previous year. This method of sale is adopted by both small businessmen as well as big enterprises. Established in the year 1984 it posted its revenues for the year 2017 at 2.28 billion dollars taking it to a ninth position among the top ten direct selling companies. Numerous top earners and companies share earnings with us. Direct selling is a retail channel set up to market services and products to consumers through personal or direct means. Here is an opportunity to give a fresh look at the world of Direct Selling - an emerging trend in the gig economy. This includes customised plans that welcome more sales and maximise in-house marketing resources.