This is a thick smoothie made with dried apricots and nectar, cashews, raisins. You'll be getting a rich source of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and carotenes. dried apricot, lime, kiwi fruits, cucumber, banana, green apple and 5 more Chocolate & Hazelnut “Spread” Green Smoothie Fuss Free Flavours banana, cocoa powder, hazelnut butter, apricot, kale, chia seeds … The very best Dried Fruit Healthy Smoothie Dish. More dried … Attempt beginning with this strawberry and dried apricot healthy smoothie dish if you like apricots. Among the very best aspects of dried fruit healthy smoothies is that you can personalize them nevertheless you like. Good thing apricots are still in season though it will be coming to an end soon. You’ll require the following active ingredients: 6 dried … Or a healthy lunch. Apricot-Yogurt Smoothie As much as I love the sweet, soft pears and tart, crisp apples of winter, there comes a point in the season when I just can't stop daydreaming about the juicy, eat-over … This fresh and fruity Apricot Pear Smoothie was sitting in draft mode for far too long. For some reason these beautiful orange colored fruits are not as popular as peaches or nectarines. Be sure to use fresh plump dried apricot … Now that's the way to start a day!