I have never had a problem regulating the temperature, or have I experienced a smoking failure. Any of the Masterbuilt insulated smokers with digital controls are fine choices. Smokers with a digital controller will work to maintain the set temperature by varying the amount of electricity running through the heating element. Ask the dealers to show you how to use and assemble. The temperature for these smokers are controlled by a rheostat that allows a set amount of electricity to reach the heating element. It could be tempting to buy something that’s hi-tech and expensive but if you don’t really need it, there’s no point wasting money on it. Most importantly, they cause wood to smolder and smoke, and the smoke infuses food with flavor. Where some smokers differ is in the heat source. All electric smokers, whether you are looking at a high end Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker or a low end Smoke Hollow Smoker, have are some pros and cons that you ought to be aware of. So there are the pros and cons of using an electric smoker. Electric Smoker Pros: Temperature control is really easy, especially on higher end units. ... Home. Check out the different products, along with the different brands available. My first smoker was a red electric Brinkmann bullet smoker. They would place the meat by hanging them and they would make a fire using wood, while leaving it in the house for a few hours, sometimes for days. So what are the pros and cons of electric smokers? At a minimum you will want a smoker with double walled construction. Always has and always will. Are Fire Magic BBQ Grills Worth the Money? Tips & Tricks. You absolutely want a smoker with a digital temperature controller for several reasons. I loved that cheap little smoker for a few months until I figured out that it was actually a piece of junk . The smoker tripped a GFCI and I didn’t know until three hours later. Smoking or grilling food on charcoal, gas or electric is a fun and healthy way to cook food. After reading this thorough review, you will become able to decide which smoker fits your needs. You can get an extremely nice electric smoker for around $300. Electric smokers are a typical entry point for people who want to start learning to smoke meats. The problem is that whether you are talking about power tools, vehicles, or just about anything for that matter, buying cheap equipment makes the job harder. The rheostat does not compensate for changing conditions inside or outside the smoker. Cheap smokers are inexpensive because they do not have Digital Temperature Control and Insulation. Believe me, I’m from a Cleveland suburb, and it gets downright cold here. In addition, it has made the art of food smoking quite convenient and uncomplicated. Double walled and insulated construction makes it easy for a good electric smoker to operate in cold weather. Sometimes, it can be a hassle to assemble. While some folks want to find the best electric smoker for under $200 I really suggest you spend a little more and get one with a little insulation and digital controls. Controlling the temperature with a gas smoker is not unlike using a gas grill; just adjust the knob to increase or decrease the rate of flow of you… Z Grills Pellet Grills Review: 700 vs 1000 Series [Which is Right For You?]. Weigh the differences and keep an eye on your budget too. I have talked with many owners of Medium sized smokers that love their cooker but wished they had bought the bigger one. You can’t touch a decent wood or pellet smoker for under $700 (I said decent). You can get a decent smoke flavor with an electric smoker but not a decent smoke ring. Despite its range of advantages, an electric smoker also has a few bottlenecks. One last thing you need to consider is the cooking time. Usually they do it during parties outdoors on occasions like picnics, the Fourth of July, Easter and even birthday parties. Cost to buy – electric smokers can be super cheap – easily under $200. The dry heat smoker gives a nice crispy outer layer and takes less time to cook. Masterbuilt has quite a few excellent choices that vary in size and features. Want to advertise, work together or give me a hard time? Quality costs money. When you are shopping you are going to see a lot of options in the $125-$150 range and they are going to tempt you. If, later on, you decide that making barbecue and jerky isn’t for you then you can always sell your smoker on Craigslist or Facebook and get most of your money back. The Money Muscle And Other Competition Pork Butt Tricks. With water based smokers you can add ingredients for flavor and the meat’s cooked moist and tender. If you get it now, you can enjoy a 20% discount by clicking on the link below: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have smoked everything from pork shoulders to eight slabs of ribs in all types of temperatures. Some of the most popular electric smokers like the Masterbuilt 30 inch are great for sausages, jerky and chicken but are not large enough for a full slab of ribs without cutting them in half. When your smoker maintains a consistent temperature you are able to actually follow recipes that have instructions like, “smoke the ribs at 225F for three hours”. This was the final straw that made me throw away my Brinkmann. These meats are ideally smoked at around 150F and those are temps that are almost impossible to hold with something like a Texas style offset smoker. But grilling or roasting has been the way of cooking long ago. If you buy a digitally controlled electric smoker then you will have the perfect piece of equipment for smoking jerky and Summer Sausage. Any of the Masterbuilt insulated smokers with digital controls are fine choices. The cooking surface makes the heat distribute evenly. Electric Smoker. Different Types of Smokers and Functions: Styles, Pros and Cons. However, summer and other seasons without snow were hard for them. The cons of electric smokers. In reality though, many folks do buy an electric smoker for just this reason. Lower and Slower. These units are the safest of the two options. Another enemy of an electric smoker is rain. They come in different sizes and shapes and while some are made for indoor cooking others are made for the outdoors. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and make the most of your situation. I think Masterbuilt builds great electric smokers and I make them my top recommendation. Electric smoker produces lower quality smoked food compared to gas smoker… Getting a smoke ring requires the combustion of fuel and the smoldering wood chips in an electric smoker will not make a difference. Hope you are staying warm this winter! Pros: Like their electric counterparts, these smokers come in different sizes; Small footprint means it takes up less space on your patio; Very simple to use, just turn the gas up or down to raise or lower your temp; One of the cheaper options on this list; Cons: Cheaper units … It cannot be used outside if electric outlets are unavailable. So if someone sells it cheaper, you can always look into that. Buy something nice. I had to throw away a big pile of meat that day and I swore that would never happen again.