Otherwise, you’ll find yourself needing to touch base a third time. A simple “hello” normally does the trick, but maybe you want to switch it up a bit. You may want to stay in touch with an old coworker who has left the company. The best email subject lines stop you in your tracks as you skim through your inbox. I read your blog post about email funnel strategies yesterday. ", yet stumped about what you should say instead? An old superior or higher-up may have mentored you, and you wish to reach out every so often. I’d love to meet for coffee this week to talk about potentially working together. I liked what you had to say about building trust with new subscribers. Welcoming people is easy, all you need to say is “Welcome to our office/city” and in an informal situation, you can say … simply want to say hello. Here are 40 totally different email greetings you can use to start your message off right. Well, we have your back. Potentially, a virtual client – someone you’ve never met face-to-face – is your intended recipient. Sick of those standard email opening lines like "I hope you're doing well!" That’s the email marketing philosophy we embrace at ABC Consultants, too. Just Say “Hi!” It seems with more and more technology flooding our markets, we are becoming out-of-tune with the world around us—people in particular. Are you available Thursday at 10:30 a.m.?” exact ( 5 ) Just want to say ' Hello ' from Russia. and "Happy Monday! 1 TechCrunch. RELATED ( 2 ) just try to say hello. Examples: “Saw your post on LinkedIn!” “Thinking of you” “I {!point of connection}, too!” Reality #10: Subject lines 5 words+ long are opened <50% of the time. There are a variety of situations that may necessitate a “touching base” email. Use a descriptive subject line. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Discover and share Just Saying Hello Quotes. Sentence examples for just want to say hello from inspiring English sources. If someone is visiting you, you may want to welcome them to your home, city or country. ... not just you, and refer to it in your subject line. 2 Huffington Post. Say what the email is about in a few words. Please tell him I just want to say hello ". Remember, we only do this when people are visiting us, now when we visit them. Instead of writing “Urgent”, write “Meeting at 10am about pay rise”, for example.