AF and Relic can then be further upgraded to +2 and +3 versions, but we'll handle those later. Augments add various stats to gear, further improving them. For Pet jobs such as PUP, BST, and SMN, Pet:Attack, Pet:Accuracy, and Pet: Physical Damage Taken are good ones to aim for. There's a LOT of equipment in this game, so it's important to be able to recognize when one piece of gear is better than another. Maybe we could team up and tackle some of it together! Omen involves you (and likely a full party if not full alliance) going through multiple floors / rooms and fighting either groups of enemies or individual bosses. This guide is set up to walk you through from the first minute as a level 99 all the way to decked out in Best In Slot (BIS) gear - regardless of your job! Be careful when swapping out of your DT set when you start getting lots of HP there - swapping out to cast a quick spell may cause you to suddenly lose hundreds of HP! You'll likely throw out everything you find, or at least sell to an NPC - almost none of it is worth AH'ing unless it's given to you by the Moogle that's there. Initially, you'll have access to Dynamis Bastok, Dynamis Jeuno, Dynamis San d'Oria, and Dynamis Windurst. Tanks are in charge of keeping and holding enemy hate while being very survivable. Silvery Light - Causes enemies to drop more Cruor. You want to ask yourself WHY you're wearing a piece of gear, and what it accomplishes. You need to trade her the original piece of AF/Relic/Emp gear, specific Rem's Tale chapters, and then a handful of other items depending on your class and the item you're reforging. Each floor of Omen will either have multiple large swarms of "Sweetwater" monsters each with one stronger "Transcendent" monster, or there will only be one individual boss. If you have a favorite FFXI youtube channel that you don't see mentioned here, let me know so I can add them! Normal runs with a group will likely go much faster than your solo V1VE attempts, anyways. First, we'll quickly go over some party roles, so you'll know what to generally expect from your job. This "storyline" is more like a long series of quests with a thin story stringing them along. Unfortunately, in order to access any given HTMB, you need to have completed the associated mission or questline - for example, if you want to participate in The Warrior's Path HTMB, you must already have completed the CoP mission The Warrior's Path. Do these quests: (check rewards on the right side), Almost every party wants a tank, and as such these are in high demand. You may also receive various stones from A. Skirmish, with names such as "Dusktip Stone" or "Snowslit Stone". It may also be worth seeing if any of the currently-running campaigns award Kupon I-Seals, as these can be used to instantly provide a full set of seals for a single item. You even keep buffs + TP, so be sure to buff yourself up before spawning the boss. However, it begins running down as soon as you enter, so you'll want to summon your trusts and buff yourself right away and then go examine the Living Cairn to enter A. Skirmish proper (you start in a safe area). I realize I need to start gearing up and it seems there is so much content, it's hard to sort through what is really important in the early/entry stages of endgame. They ask you to retrieve items from specific locations around Adoulin areas. Requirements: Lv99 Most mages use Staves or clubs, primarily carrying them as boosts to magic stats. Red chests give you a target range of "air pressure" (aka, an arbitrary number) to reach, such as "23-47" - you then choose to move the pressure down/up one, two, or three notches. You'll probably want to think about creating a second Ambuscade Cape too. It's also recommended you begin taking care of your Mog Garden early. Yes These groups will tend to skip the midboss, since the group likely may not be set up to take it out - and it doesn't give Additional Objectives anyways. Some jobs it is considered mandatory to have a certain amount of job points invested to unlock job point gifts, usually the big ones are at 100, 550, and 1200. Due to the large number of players, alliance composition is very flexible. Or, y'know, you can do it all over again on another job, or help new people do it their first time through. You likely already have your AF armor, which is earned through a series of quests unique to each job. to endgame items or just shoot for pure exp to 99? So, you've finally hit level 99. The more intense your ruby light, the more red chests will drop from enemies. Soloable? Notes: Warriors and Monks can also function as tanks in emergencies or specialized situations. After these enemies are defeated, a boss dragon will spawn - once the dragon is killed, the DI is a success and all players that participated will be awarded Domain Points - which can be spent with the NPC Zurim in Norg. No The gear will first be reforged to i109 versions, and then can be upgraded in a similar way to i119 +1 versions. You finally get to stop playing the game!!!!!! Also note that Abjuration pieces can be augmented! You can spend your DI Points at Zurim in Norg (I-7). As mentioned above, they also perform well as a Light DD. Excellent! If you won the V1VE, you should now have completed both of the RoE objectives you set in step 2. Completed almost entirely for the. I'll touch on these more later. They can also provide backup healing and debuff removal. It will also assume you have no knowledge of FFXI's endgame events, and will try to aim towards doing as much as possible solo. Varies, but mostly yes Don't stress too much about this, as you can change the augments later on without losing progress. These sets are all below level 99, however they can be "reforged" into i109 versions, and then upgraded into +1 versions that are i119. They can also deal very good physical damage. You might be able to solo some of the lv125 UNMs at this point, but it'll likely be very difficult. What causes a stagger varies depending on the event, and sometimes even the enemy themselves. Learning spells can be time consuming, though. However, it can be difficult for a new player to gear up, as they require quite a lot of different equipment to become effective. As with Relic Armor, each job has a unique 5-piece set of Empyrean Armor. They provide some light debuffing options, but are always brought along to bring their amazing firepower - especially when Magic Bursting off a Skillchain. Mostly Nolan will then propmt you to pick a "path" for the augment - this determines what stats the augmenting will add to the gear. "Abjurations" is a name commonly given to a series of armorsets that are obtained by trading a Cursed Item along with an Abjuration to the NPC Alphollon C Meriard in the North Sand d'Oria church. The usefulness of reforged JSE varies wildly by piece and by job. After completing these four cities, you'll have access to Dynamis Beaucedine, and completing that gets you access to Dynamis Xarcabard. Many jobs can fulfill multiple roles, so some may be listed multiple times. Feel free to start joining groups (you're well enough geared to meaningfully contribute to any groups doing V1VE or V1E) but otherwise it might be better to continue on to other content until you're strong enough to handle harder difficulties. Also allows you access to, This storyline is very short, you can probably get it done in a few hours. Also using Hallmarks, you can buy Abdhaljs Threads, Abdhaljs Dusts, Abdhaljs Saps, Abdhaljs Resins, and Abdhaljs Dyes to upgrade the cape and customize the stats on it. It skips ahead of this guide a bit, so feel free to either continue following along with this, or use this as a reference for further explanation of how the various events work in more detail. Soloable? Fern Stones tend to result in "Job Ability" augments such as Double Attack, Damage Taken-%, Fast Cast, etc. The 600 point category is full of earrings that boost various skills. Notable Rewards: Ambuscade Armor, Ambuscade Capes, Various Weapons, Various items worth selling. It's a good idea to create different capes for different niches and roles. You're likely ready at this point to tackle Vol 1 on Normal difficulty, although you won't be able to solo it. One of the key mechanics of Abyssea is the Visitant Lights system - as you defeat enemies, you will receive messages about your body glowing with different colored lights. If the gear is meant to increase your TP gain, look for gear with more Store TP, Double Attack, and Triple Attack. I'm at about 78, should I be grinding mobs that contribute a currency, etc. Pearlescent Light- This light will increase the likelihood that enemies will drop chests, and is increased by killing enemies with melee attacks. To participate in Ambuscade, first start the Stepping Into an Ambuscade RoE quest and talk to Gorpa-Masorpa in Mhaura (G-9).