Drop Ceiling / Grid Ceiling Clamps used with Ceiling Cartridges to mount 6100 Flexible Curtain Track and other ceiling mount tracks. These pre-packaged kits contain everything required for a simple, ceiling mount project. Pair it with a large selection of different fabrics to match your interior decor. For flexible curtain track mounting hardware, we recommend one per foot for curved track, and 9″ interval for straight run application. Bendable / Flexible Tracks; Wall Mount Tracks; Ceiling Mount Tracks; Suspended Tracks; While almost any aluminum or plastic track can be bent with enough force, that doesn’t mean the track will function properly when mounted. This curtain accessory works well when used around a bed canopy. If your ceiling … It's available in your choice of assorted sizes. For commercial purposes, we recommend SELFIE track, where the curtain track … The 6100 flexible curtain track affords the user the most options, as the this bendable curtain track comes coiled and can easily be installed in oval, circular, or rounded paths, as well as bent on a tight … Description. Prepackaged curtain kits available at FlexTrack store. We recommend 4 rollers per foot of track to avoid curtain from too much sagging. Eliminates the need to drill holes in the ceiling … Sold individually. Flexible Curtain Track, 4' Length: 4' curtain track has a unique curved design; Very simple to mount to your ceiling Includes mounting screw. ... RECMAR Product offers several curtain track … White.