Size. A mid to late season cropper consistently producing heavy yields. In fact the name 'Frantoio' refers to the village press used to extract the prized oil. The ‘Frantoio’ is of Italian origin and is a prolific producer of olive fruits which are excellent for pickling and for extracting aromatic oil. Entry Size 12"-18" Premium Size 24"-36" Qty. SHIPPING TREE SIZES Most commonly the main component for a Tuscan style oil. The entry into production suffers climatic influences, with delays in hot and dry areas.On the other hand, compared to other varieties, Frantoio requires a greater amount of chill hours to obtain maximum productive potential.. Regularity of bearing: the variety of Frantoio olive … ‘Frantoio’ is the most noted olive oil variety of Tuscany, Italy and grows more like a tree than a bush with an open and airy canopy. A good choice of tree where space is limited – particularly in small to … Productivity: Frantoio olive tree, is early in production early and has high productivity. Buy Olive Frantoio Fruit Tree One of the most highly acclaimed olives for the production of quality oil, producing a fruity and aromatic oil. $29 + Gift Wrapping. ADD TO CART OVERVIEW. … With an oil content up to 25%, this is the olive … Ours stand at a planted height between 2.5-3.5m so they are close to their … Frantoio Olive Tree. Famous for the most fruity and aromatic oil in Tuscany where the Italians call it Paragon. Dual purpose olive… Fruit are small - medium.