If you space is tall enough (and your rope is strong enough), you can add another rod below your first one for double the hanging space. This unique piece will look great in your house and is sure to get compliments! “. Great - let's find it for you! This fun project uses old wooden crates to add shelving space that could be perfect for your folded pants, or just to add decoration like plants or ceramic knick-knacks. This will let you hang hooks for clothes, bags and jackets. A large-scale clothing rack that will definitely fit all your favorite shoes and clothes. If you have a spot outside your door to the garage (most of us do), where you can set up a simple shelf, this is a great spot for shoes to rest before kids cross the threshold,”, If you simply want to mimic a traditional closet, opt for a clothes rack (. With our open storage systems ALGOT and ELVARI this is not only possible but also easy to do. We’ve compiled 10 innovate clothes storage ideas that will help you see your closet situation (or lack thereof) in a whole new light. DIY Diy Clothing Rack Ideas 1. 11 Clothes Storage Ideas to Transform Your Closet Family Handyman Updated: May. So why let them take up precious space? You can find many stylish options online, or choose to keep your storage drawers hidden with a longer bed skirt. from the floor, there's enough space to add a second rod below it and still hang shirts and slacks. 11 Clothes Storage Ideas to Transform Your Closet Family Handyman Updated: May. In these types of situations, you have to deconstruct the way you think about storage. , short plastic bins, and other under-the-bed storage containers that fit nicely in this small space. The bottom rack makes it easy to rest your shoes against and the touches of gold make this piece really pop. It does, however, contain two beautiful clothing racks made from galvanized pipes. No more not finding a match.”. Which clothing rack will you make? You’ve spent a lot of time (and money) building your wardrobe. You can also double your hanging space by using pop can tabs. When it comes to trickier items, like tights and scarves, Julie Ann from Julie Ann Art. These clothing racks are made on wheels for easy movement and have a bottom shelf to hold shoes. You don’t. . I love this modern open closet idea. Not to mention, it gives a cool asymmetrical look to your open closet. Stop by your local hardware shop to find everything you need to create more closet space. You will be surprised what you can create with repurposed items or even simple hardware from the local hardware shop. Install strong hooks to your ceiling, and attach rope to dangle below both of them. Small articles of clothing and accessories can be difficult to store in an orderly fashion. 1. If you’re short on space, the best way to get the most out of your home is by cycling out clothes that are out of season. This clothing rack is both useful and beautiful. It doesn’t take long to make and you will be happy with the result. For hanging clothes. It fits against the wall so it’s perfect to hang your coats, sweaters, scarves, or bathrobe. This will let you hang hooks for clothes, bags and jackets. This IKEA picture ledge hack by the Dos Family makes hanging clothing a snap using IKEA GRUNDTAL S-hooks. Slide your first hanger’s hook through the top of the tab, and hand a second hanger from the bottom of the tab. So as you can see there are various options for how you can hang your clothes. You can also choose to screw in cup hooks to the bottom, allowing you to hang lighter items, like tank tops or necklaces. “A great way to store items is to use a wood trunk,” home blogger Jackie Hausler says. It’s also a good way to place to keep your jewelry, shoes and accessories. 10 Smart Clothes Storage Ideas. This chic clothing rack uses a different option as a shoe rack. It works great as a clothing rack at the front door too! With a little love, you can transform any trunk to match your room’s decor. A beautiful idea for a clothing rack when you don’t have a closet available. This project is a full-on closet and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Tightly tie your rope along a rod as long as the distance between the two hooks will allow, giving you a place to hang your wrinkle-prone items that can’t be folded away. “Now, it is as good as new and can be used for a variety of storage options. Timber Garment Rack Valet - Chocolate $119 $119.00. Smart ideas for clothes storage in a small space. If your living room, dining room, home office or hallways have extra space you aren’t necessarily using, take full advantage by utilizing these areas for clothes storage. You’re going to literally live with your decisions, so home decor and design become part of the equation, too. Here are some small space options for your clothes that will help you to keep the room uncluttered and get a comfy storage space.