I's very yummy.. 6 People talking Join In ... Add papaya than add the rest of the ingredients and use a spoon to help mix ingredients together. Lao people favorite food to eat.. Papaya salad (Som Tam) is a dish that originated in Southeast Asia. Recipe by saolao. Papaya salad is a favorite shared asian dish of southeast asia. Submit a Recipe Correction Advertisement. With its unique blend of sweet, spicy, sour, and salty tastes and crunchy texture, Som Tam has been voted as the #6 most delicious food in the world by CNN Travel. Lao Papaya Salad. Spicy, funky, and sweet, this side dish plays on the vibrant flavors of Thai papaya salad with the unexpected addition of tamarind. YOU'LL ALSO LOVE. Taste and adjust to your taste, its should be sweet, sour, salty and hot. It has Lao and Thai roots but everyone makes it a bi Spicy Lao Papaya Salad. Enjoy. Som Tam can be found in most Thai and Laotian markets and is famous among travelers, tourists, and ethnic food lovers around the world.