They’re breaking in through the pool door in the back.”. “You hit the next guy through the upper part of the left arm bone. This time the target was still there and the pistol fired immediately. as I was getting organised for the next tie up the girls were busy swapping stories on how I had been so "cruel" to them and what it felt like to be tied. “Not yet. Nosey Kid. I punched a button on the entryway intercom panel. A Horror Story of Banskhali – In a remote village of Bangladesh called Sadhanpur in Chittagong eleven members of a Hindu family were burnt to death. We staggered upstairs, brushed our teeth and hit the sack right away. Your head shot was perfect, too. Of course, French has so much planned for Toby, and while he survives and recovers, he faces the very thing that people fear most: themselves. I advise counseling and I can recommend someone. in the safe and I selected a Glock 17 and two spare magazines to take with me. The sheriff did his best to The next thing I knew, the clock on my nightstand said 2:53AM. Both doors are locked. Based around the legend of Sawney Bean, the same one that inspired the film. I moved my sight picture to the top of his left thigh and fired. McBean’s novel is one on this list that many might not have heard of. Violence? My training just took over and I didn’t have to do anything except watch.”, Vicky seemed more upset about feeling helpless, curled up in the tub talking to the 9-1-1 operator, than the shooting. grab your girlfriend here,” he pointed to Vicky, “and demand two million bucks in ransom.”, The sheriff nodded his head. Cops are on the way. men forcibly entered your home, they were bought and paid for. By the time the cops and EMTs and crime scene folks were finished, the sun was up. My emotions were off the scale. Down the street, tires screeched again. The next son-of-a-bitch who tried to kidnap her was in for a hell of a shock. And I had to pee. I pulled the trigger straight back. There’s a woman upstairs in the back bedroom.”  Oops, I thought, I’d better warn Vicky. Be it serial killers or drug cartels, it’s humanity at its most delicate and disturbing. This one is on here for two reasons: 1) the Burgess classic is continuously underrated and on the verge of being forgotten in modern times and 2) there is, indeed, a horrific home invasion that Alex and his droogs invade a woman’s home where they exhibit the “ultraviolence” Alex so famously proclaims. The next thing I knew, the clock on my nightstand said 2:53AM. “Yeah. me to shoot. Go ahead.”. My deputies never Short Story / “Stand by, Sleep was out of the Here are some home invasion standouts from the darker side of the criminal mind. There’s Toby, our protagonist who’s a bit of a charmer, a little bit of an asshole, who works at a PR firm and is celebrating with a night on the town when he arrives home to two burglars who attack him and leave him battered and near death’s door. or click to select. Vicky re-holstered and leaned back to check her time. Silhouetted in the light coming through the pool door, Invader #3 stood frozen. Seconds later, the bathroom door jerked open, revealing a bulky man wearing a ski mask and holding a combat shotgun. Suddenly, I heard the roar of an engine and the screech of tires from in front of my house. fight my boys. There might be more. The Purge series has dabbled in several genres across four movies and a TV show, but while later entries are more action-orientated, the first movie took the home invasion genre as its template. Unfortunately for them, she was armed and started shooting. George is an astute intellectual that prides himself on being rational; however, when his family and safety is encroached upon by ruthless criminals, he must come face-to-face with survival and its barbaric, almost animalistic tendencies. , we see the home invasion scenario dialed up to the max. You won’t be charged and no one can bring any kind of civil action in connection with this incident. Read 41 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. They were going to kidnap Vicky, mutilate her and kill her? The adaptation has its own well-documented history, but the morality tale delivered in The Siege of Trencher’s Farm remains intact and worthy of turning the pages. In the latter part of October, Paul and John nick some wine for a belated birthday celebration. This is one of the most shocking home invasion stories. This would probably be the end of this home invasion now. Riley Sager has written a number of memorable thrillers in a few short years (Final Girls, The Last Time I Lied), but his latest is undoubtedly his best. At the center of the narrative is an apartment building and trademark New York City poverty. spinning out, all in slo-mo. They were bad, bad dudes. In this case, we see one Corbin Dell helping a cousin, Kate Priddy, by swapping apartments after Kate experiences successive panic attacks after being kidnapped by a vengeful ex-boyfriend. He was doing life without parole and my sister had permanent hearing damage. and they were sensitive enough to turn on whenever a raccoon or armadillo wandered by. And you nailed the third guy right through the hip joint. Follow/Fav Home Invasion. Invader #2 was standing sideways with his back against the open bathroom door, no doubt shocked by the shower of blood, brains and bone chips that had blasted out the back of his partner’s shot. Vicki was sound asleep beside me. The door was strong, but they were serious about Privacy , Ketchum’s debut novel quickly achieved controversy, with many stores and readers demanding that it be banned. He says his name is Leonard and after a brief conversation, he delivers a knockout line, “None of what’s going to happen is your fault.” Of course, more people arrive and things get dicey and completely out of any realm the astute reader would predict. We didn’t find it.”  He paused, looking at Vicky. “Looks like things are under control,” I said into the Bluetooth. We heard someone turn the knob on the back door and bump it hard-twice, as if trying to shove the door open. Hurry up, damn it! There’s been a steady undercurrent of home invasion novels over the last couple decades, but even though we’ve seen a surge in film—be it You’re Next or Funny Games; Us or The Purge; Panic Room or even Knock Knock—there has been less in the world of fiction.