Convert the image from 8-bit color to RGB with “Image/Type/RGB color” before adding the scale bar to get a white scale-bar on a pseudocolored image. Cite 13th Dec, 2019 3. If your image is already scaled (pixels are displayed in µm values), then skip to Part 2. Electron microscopes . Correct calibration of scale bars in images made with any type of microscope is only possible with a real external micrometer. It is therefore easierst to add only a very fine scale bar with FIJI and then re-draw it in Adobe Illustrator (or PowerPoint, as I I know that about half of you out there use PowerPoint for making figures and posters! 2. Now your image is calibrated, to show the scale bar on your image you go to Analyze --> tool -->scale bar and simply add the position and the size of your scale bar! Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Light Microscope Scale Bar Students Will: Use optical microscopes to explore the microscopic world in pond water to build and understanding of size. 5. To add a scale bar to your images in Fiji/ImageJ, you will need the image pixel size for your image. Use the table below to select the appropriate number. Magnification = scale bar image divided by actual scale bar length (written on the scale bar). Distance in Pixels is dependent on the magnification and type of image (optical or spectral). Steps for adding scale bars to images using Image J: 1. Check the “Label all slices” box to add a scale-bar to the whole stack. ). Text and lines Issues with adding text Add scale bar last: In the process of writing your manuscript you may re-think the figure size. See below a step-by-step protocol to add scale bars to multiple images at the same time (you can only do one set of magnifications at one time) : Also images are re-sized for posters and slides. Part 1: Calculating image pixel size and setting image scale. Click Analyze, choose “Set Scale.” 4. Open Image J. Image J seems to be working the best for me. Click File, Open, Select the image you want to work with. This plugin points to the native menu command “Analyze/Tools/Scale bar…”.