While being alone because of social anxiety might make you feel down, it is possible to figure out how to feel happy alone. How to Be Happy: 25 Habits to Add to Your Routine, How Loneliness Changes Across Your Lifetime, The No BS Guide to Organizing Your Feelings, Adults Under 24: The Loneliest Age Group During COVID-19 Restrictions. With time, your mind will get used to this new freedom. You can’t always control when there will be someone there for you, so being able to happily conduct yourself alone is an important part of being alive. You could write a novel or self-help book and self-publish it on Amazon, start a blog about a topic that fascinates you, go the the park and paint a landscape to hang on your wall, or learn a new language, like German or Spanish. After all, anticipation is half the fun. I don’t mean in the sense of being single, although I am. And while I thought it was a reassuring reminder that everything is temporary, it made me feel like a stranger in my own home. Step 2: Create a Happy Place for Yourself, Step 3: Make Changes and Rediscover Passions, Earl Grey Extra Aromatic Tea 4 Ounce Package. If you need some prompts, ask yourself questions like: What did we laugh about together? But for others, being solo is a challenge. Buy a cookbook you've had your eye on, and work through it by making one recipe a week. Think happy thoughts. First, try jotting down some memories and affirmations. If you're not sure why you feel suddenly lonely, it might be because you've lost touch with yourself. Not because I'm a solitary person, but because they represent times that brought me closer to myself, if not in the moment, then in retrospect. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Grab a pen and notepad, and jot down things you might enjoy doing the next time you find yourself alone. Start small by sitting in a coffee shop for just 10 minutes. Is Twirling Your Hair as a Habit a Symptom of an Underlying Condition? Make sure their needs are a good fit with what you’re willing and able to do. Change up your dating routine, whether that means taking a break or challenging yourself to get back out there. Plan for something you’re really interested in and make it happen. What I don’t have is the ability to sit alone with myself and with my thoughts, and I think that this inability is at the core of some persistent unhappiness that I just can’t shake. Maybe you’re a person who absolutely basks in solitude. Noticing a theme here? Or check in on what that high school acquaintance is up to without even having to talk to them? 8 People on Finding Love on the Internet, How to Beat the Sunday Scaries, According to 6 Successful Women, Exactly How to Leave a Toxic Relationship—a Psychologist Explains, 18 Things I've Learned After Going on Over 20 Dates, 20 Things to Do Before You Turn 30 to Live Your Best Life, The Healthiest People Do This Every Single Day, The Scariest Ghost Stories Ever, Straight from the Depths of Reddit, 16 Signs of Falling in Love That Mean It's Real, How to Transition from Just Friends to Dating—an Expert Weighs In. Eating alone doesn’t have to mean eating prepackaged food in front of the TV. It’s important to find something that feels right to you. Go to the movies. They might sound cliche, but self-dates can be a powerful tool for learning how to be happy alone. Take on a home improvement project. Imagine you’re trying to impress an actual date and show them a good time. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape. Although it may seem that you need to have a significant other, a best friend, a large social circle—while you’re working on those things, it’s important to know how to be happy alone. Once you’re comfortable with that, going out alone won’t seem so unusual anymore. They don’t have to be spectacular, mind-blowing things.