You can store plywood between your mattress and box springs, or under your bed. She can easily slip through the window, close it back so that nobody immediately realizes where she exited, and head out the back with a minimum of noise. I took some of our carry-on luggage and weighted them down with hard cover books. Avoid protests and other potentially volatile situations during times of civil disturbance. You may have family members who will suffer due to your actions, so think things through ahead of time. It’s practically unbelievable that this is happening in the United States, but it is. Something I see a lot are plans that keep everybody out and firmly secure every possible point of entry. While you should definitely call 911 if your home is breached to have it on record that you did call for official help, don’t rely on them to dispatch assistance with sirens blaring. Generally, just cover the front windows and sidelights by your doors. The Internet, TV, and radio are critical sources of information. Understand Home Invasion Strategies. This is the one area in which you may need to make some advance purchases. You can use it as both a way to extinguish fires and a weapon if necessary. Sign up for your FREE report and get prepared. b. booby-traps which are in any way attached to or associated with: 1. internationally recognized protective emblems, signs or signals; 4. medical facilities, medical equipment, medical supplies or medical transportation; 5. children’s toys or other portable objects or products specially designed for the feeding, health, hygiene, clothing or education of children; 7. kitchen utensils or appliances except in military establishments, military locations or military supply depots; 8. objects clearly of a religious nature; 9. historic monuments, works of art or places or worship which constitute the cultural or spiritual heritage of peoples; It is prohibited in all circumstances to use any booby-trap which is designed to cause superfluous injury or necessary suffering.” (source). (For us the most likely entry would have been the front door and the best option for a safe zone was a bedroom in the back part of the house.) I can simply point out things that could make your home a target. Lots of folks have fences around the front but leave their gates unsecured. They don’t have to look obvious and can take only minimal preparation. In Minneapolis, it was discovered that police officers were being followed home and their families and properties were targeted. However, this didn’t do anything to prevent someone from breaking down the door, so our next step was to make the hallway harder to navigate. At the very least, these things will make some racket and slow people down before they get to your refuge. And yes, you should call 911 if you feel violence against your home is imminent, but there’s a good possibility that help will take a long time to reach you. Before an event occurs, test things out. At the same time, her windows are secured with shatter-resistant film and a bar to prevent them from being raised. have specially formed and trained riot squads to deal with civil unrest. I hang windchimes on windows and decorative bells on doorknobs. You can learn more about it in this article. Some periods of civil unrest last for days or a couple of weeks. This Site is affiliated with CMI Marketing, Inc., d/b/a CafeMedia (“CafeMedia”) for the purposes of placing advertising on the Site, and CafeMedia will collect and use certain data for advertising purposes. Adults should be armed and prepared in the event that their home is breached. Most people in mobs are participating in more of a group mentality – you won’t see a lot of critical thinkers. The next day, I created my own stumbling blocks. Aside from these things, be sure to remove anything from the front of the house that could be used to break the windows, like planters and lawn furniture. Are there hot-spots where activity is either taking place or out-of-control? Fire is a cowardly attack that doesn’t require any interaction on the part of the arsonist. This means that you can often strategically guide them to the place where you want them. Location plays a major role in keeping your family safe when civil unrest breaks out. When I was staying with my daughter in her downtown apartment during the COVID lockdowns, we realized that our front hallway was a true weak spot. If you put bars on every door and window, you’ve created a prison for those inside. You can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. 22 caliber isn’t overly loud but it’s enough to alert you that something is going on, and may even scare away less hardy intruders. than rural environments during times of civil unrest. Stay up to date with controversial issues, especially hot-button issues in your home area. I came across this solution accidentally. about surviving off the grid, and you should definitely give some thought to how you would handle things. Your location may be another factor as well. Keep reading for more information on boarding up your windows.