If you notice your hair getting too poofy, rub a little lotion on your hands, then brush your fingers lightly through your hair. Hi, to start the question I'll just quickly note a few facts about myself: I'm a teen guy. When drying your hair, pat the hair with a towel instead of rubbing your head. I have curly hair, that's not the problem, over the day it gets more and more poofy curly and frizzy, like all at once. And this problem has been all my life. The hairs get caught in the fibers of the towel and get stretched out and damaged. I have a cheaper straightener ($50) that I use to get rid of my naturally waviness, but my hair still looks really dry and poofy. People have sometimes kindly noted to me that my head looks like a pumpkin, so I have been seeking a way to fix this. Hairstyles for poofy hair ladies. Frizzy hair is a problem that affects men just as often, if not more so, than women. My problem is that I have uncontrollably 'poofy' hair. Several of the instructions to be complied with by males with poofy hair are: Dry: Hair has to be dried out utilizing diffuser since it enables humidity. When the hair is wet it becomes more susceptible to damage. Use Boar Bristle Brush To Brush Your Hair Before You Shower. Though poofy hair can sometimes be bothersome as well as tough to manage yet various hairstyles have actually aided people carry it in one of the best ways. Hey, I'm a guy who has longer hair... it's about halfway to my shoulders and it gets really poofy and frizzy. I have brown hair. Using bristle brushes regularly can cause some serious damage and breakage, but using boar bristle brushes is really useful in distributing the hair’s oils for a silky, smooth hair. Whether it appears because of summer humidity, dry winter air or wiry hair texture, a halo of frizz is never on the well-groomed checklist. This one is a question for the ladies, since most guys probably don't care about their hair. Top 21 Ways How To Get Rid Of Puffy Hair Naturally After Shower 1. Men's hair longer than a standard buzz cut requires a little extra care and grooming to keep frizz at bay. Be it a man or a females, poofy hair is not actually convenient by all. Fixing poofy hair (for guys)? How to Make Your Hair Not Frizzy. Exactly how to take care of poofy hair for guys. But I'm 16 and I really need help (I'm a guy) right now in in a time of my life where I am trying to fix all my problems and build self respect.