I don’t know if that would work for you or not, but it might be worth a shot to try out. You will receive a verification email shortly. With a little practice, you can really pull off some awesome Slide Guitar licks in standard tuning. One good way to suppress unwanted sounds is to mute the strings behind the slide with one or more available fret-hand fingers, but Allman rarely did this when playing lines like those shown in FIGURE 6. 6 11 Standard Tuning Licks I didn’t know there was any other way!! In open e tuning, a lot of the notes are straight across the fretboard and are easier to play because of this. DL. Have you ever tried to play slide guitar in standard tuning? Muting the strings is even more important in standard tuning due to the placement of the notes you have to play. Please refresh the page and try again. Check out this Stand Tuning Slide Course. Slide guitar can be played in standard or open tunings, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Although standard tuning isn’t the best tuning for slide, you should practice plenty of it. For the last year or so Open E has been my standard tuning. Receive news and offers from our other brands? ZB. Sorry to hear that. They run around $100. Get instant access for free. I’ve only ever played bottleneck with open tunings. I’ve also added some things I’ve learned during this year about the first 3 lessons as well as extreme close ups of each hand. I’ll be playing this one without a pick – using my thumb and index finger on my right hand. To begin with, let’s look at a map of the fretboard: Then let’s look at one of the most popular open tunings, Open G, and compare it, from low to high strings, to standard tuning: Standard Tuning: E A D G B E Open G Tuning… 2 hour DVD or mp4 download. Hope that helps and good luck. Bought the open e tuning volume.1 &2.But like playing in standard tuning better. Developing a good slide guitar technique is one of the most critical things to learn when playing slide guitar in standard tuning. Hey John,I wanna Know that are there any chords to strum on Lap Steel Guitar? But Open E is so friendly for the solo slide musician that I really need to be convinced otherwise. Standard tuning can be easier to play because your melodic instincts dont have to be translated to the altered tuning of the guitar; however, it can make it harder for the beginning slide guitarist to mu… Below are five different types of open tunings – open D, open C, open G, open A, and open E. Most players usually hold the slide parallel to the fret, which is a good general rule of thumb, for achieving accurate intonation across more than one string, while others will rotate it diagonally, but the important thing is that the slide should touch the string directly above the fret. The best slide guitar tunings are: Drop D: DADGBE I can’t extend my fingers.prior to the stroke I was very much a novice acoustic player.learning 2 years prior to this event.I miss the ability to play the guitar to the point. I’ll also show you the scales that are used so that you can improvise your own slide leads in standard tuning. Sometimes playing your guitar in standard tuning just isn’t enough. In open e tuning, a lot of the notes are straight across the fretboard and are easier to play because of this. 20 minute download of Statesboro Blues Intro in Standard Tuning You do not have to, and it is not necessarily the most entertaining, but it may be a great way to start practicing. Bath I just don’t know where to start.Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? A great way to get started with slide guitar is to play in standard tuning, which allows you to focus on all the essentials of fret-hand touch and pick-hand articulation without having to address the issue of re-learning the fretboard and chord forms in an alternate tuning.