If you decide to purchase one, you’re going to join the ranks of hundreds if not thousands of happy customers. You may notice that your hand doesn’t wrap around the neck quite as much as other guitars you pick up. The top is constructed from solid cedar wood, which is known for its durability and beautiful aesthetics. Seagulls are great guitars. So, to anyone coming across this thread in 2030, you owe it to yourself to try out that early 90s Seagull S6. This is something that is common among high-end guitars but you rarely, if ever, find on an entry-level guitar. Thanks for your comment, Wayne. I have a very old “S6 Folk” (which was the name Godin gave to the ones with the cedar top and the wild cherry back and sides – the “S6” back then was the one with cedar top and mahogany back and sides). I’m sorry you had a less-than-stellar first impression of the Seagull brand. Finally, the Seagull S6 has the option for electronics, although it’s cheaper to just get the acoustic version. Guitars take beatings (they are fairly fragile), and it would be very difficult to tell at times what was a fault of an owner and what was the makers fault. It’s obvious from the tone that a lot of time has been spent crafting a beautiful guitar that fits a market need: a quality guitar within the budget range of many entry-level guitarists. The sound is excellent – and seems to get better with time – and the feel is smooth. The combined tone woods and thin yet durable finish allow the S6 … Solid Cedar Tonewoods. The S6 uses a Compensated Tusq by GraphTech, a saddle which essentially compensates slightly on certain strings to improve playability and tone on the guitar. The S6 is Seagull’s flagship model and is an award winning acoustic guitar! I don’t like the warranties on guitars being called “Lifetime Warranty” but all of the guitar makers do it. It was a terrible loss. It was bad. Fractured neck at the top just below keys. Hi Ben, I agree completely. Please let us and the rest of the community know if you have played this guitar, or have any experience with one in the comments below. Just changed the strings on it last night (Ernie Ball Medium Earthwoods) and I am so loving the sound that is coming from this guitar! Seagull has truly flexed their engineering muscle here and provided a guitar that has a warm timbre with a rich shimmer. The Seagull S6 Original offers a dreadnought style body, built with a set of high-end tonewoods.There’s a pressure tested solid cedar top, which pairs with the wild cherry back and sides. When you think about it, with all of the guitars being made, if the warranty was truly good for a lifetime, guitar makers would be swamped with returns. Handmade in Canada (one of the few guitars at this price point that are even made in North America! The cedar top on the Classic Black A/E has a black semi gloss finish that is breathtaking with the white pick guard. And with how beautifully rich and balanced the guitar sounds, we tend to think this may hold true.The compensated saddle on the S6 is designed to keep the acoustic in tune at every fret of the finger board.Its actually quite impressive at the price point of this guitar. I have the original promo leaflets that were in the music shop when I bought mine, and there’s a rundown of the range available back then! Conversely, heavier construction, such as tops that are too thick and bracing that is too robust, stifles the sound.”. My ears prefer to string them with Elixir Nanoweb customs. Was this price tag wrong??? Be careful thinking that “Lifetime Warranty” means a whole lot. I have probably played more guitar in the past month than I have in 15 years! I ended up moving halfway across the country a few years later and ended up changing professions. She was made pre epoxy so the neck could come off quite easily. I would be interested in reading the best strings for this guitar, although it sounds great with just about any brand. I couldn’t think of even looking at another guitar. Wood used in this particular guitar is better than the average wood that you’d find, and the tonality is excellent. Only $300 bucks. However, I wouldn’t pay more than 799 USD for one that wasn’t acoustic / electric. Together, these tonewoods and the semi-gloss finish offer a smooth, warm profile. With a bolt on neck epoxied you get get zero benefits of a bolt on neck. I fretted about it (pun intended) a good bit and finally decided that I needed to trust my intuition. With its solid wood, quality construction and north American craftsmanship, this guitar is sure to impress you. Then I picked up a Seagull cedar top. There are many great acoustic guitars in the under $500 price range available these days that play and sound great its true. I can’t imagine parting with it. I play a lot of shows and am VERY protective of it. A bonus feature that is becoming more common nowadays is that there is an on-board tuner as well. There’s a pressure tested solid cedar top, which pairs with the wild cherry back and sides. Godin also produced another leaflet about the care of the guitar, and as directed I’ve kept mine close to a speaker (home AV setup for maximum soundwaves, even when watching movies!) There were three key factors in my purchases of Seagulls – i) the positive reviews, ii) the price and iii) both models that I purchased were available left-handed :). With its solid wood, quality construction and north American craftsmanship, this guitar is sure to impress you. The S6 Original Concert Hall is similar to the Original in that it has a Solid Cedar Top and Wild Cherry back and sides. But I am wondering if anyone out there can help me with solutions? Check out our best acoustic guitars under $500 for more great reviews! Thanks for your feedback Only positive hopeful helpful comments please! No. I added a Fishmans bridge pick-up which further brings out the quality of the instrument. Mine was made in ’94 or ’95. You are so right. I have played Taylor 800 series at music stores and unplugged my Seagull leaves them in a cloud of dust in terms of big richness of sound hands down. Seagull has introduced a new addition to the S6 line up called the S6 Classic Black A/E. So bad it’s an open gash — you can see the metal inside the neck. Its bassy but not boomy, bright but nor harsh, mid frequencies are strong and the sustain is long. Dumb Dumb Dumb. Anyway, Ben, thanks for writing. But, I do agree, if they are using epoxy in the neck joint, that is not a good idea. ive been playing guitar for aruond to years and im considering bu.ying a 12 string.Im now playing a seagull mini jumbo f/maple performer and looking at a seagull excursion 12 string with spruce top and walnut back and sides. As I hope to share in this Seagull S6 review, this acoustic guitar has become a standard for entry-level acoustic guitars and has earned a placed to be known as an intermediate guitar. However, the Seagull Artist line is solid wood which will sound better with age. She is my pride and joy and very much a part of my soul. I’ve reviewed it first below, but to sum it up, this is a classic with staying power. It’s definitely not the cheapest beginner guitar on the market, but it certainly deserves a place on all of these lists. Thank you so much for your kind word. I bought my beloved Seagull acoustic with the cedar top and cherrywood in 1996 at McCabe’s Music Shop in Santa Monica California.