This waterproof vinyl plank style has one of the most wood looking color options of the Karndean LVT & LVP line. FAQ About Karndean Vinyl Plank Flooring Is Karndean LooseLay any good? It's been down 7 years and it's brilliant. We have karndean throughout the ground floor, it replaced ceramic tiles and good quality laminate. Yes. Karndean Van Gogh Glue Down LVP flooring is glue down style of the Van Gogh Collection. ... Methods to install vinyl flooring. It involves the use of adhesives to stick the boards to the subfloor. Don't go for the real budget stuff, ours was a mid to high range I think but it still looks great (been mistaken for wood many times) but unlike ceramic it's warm underfoot and unlike laminate, waterproof. One advantage of the planks in this collection is that you can install them without applying the glue-down method. It has a wide range of wood finish vinyl planks. Cleaning our flooring is quite simple, we recommend using our Karndean Clean product and a mop for the best results as the product has been specially formulated for cleaning our flooring. Karndean Korlock. Over all we are highly disappointed with karndean flooring and feel slightly robbed as it isn’t by any means a budget product. Glue Down gives you the peace of mind that your flooring will be adhered to your sub-floor. It also provides a wide range of choices for colors and shades as well as board sizes. In fact, it is one of the most popular Karndean collections. I’m terrified what it would look like if we had children. The floor has been down nearly 2 years now but looks as though it’s been down in my opinion for about 15 years. The glue is applied to the back of the flooring. Planks in the Korlock line are large, measuring up to 9 inches in width. Glue Down Method – This method is suitable for sheet and tile vinyl. If we can be of any further assistance, please do no hesitate to contact us via 1800 331 170 or Thanks again.