The truth is that I fear even people who saw my medial delt tutorials are still doing this movement incorrectly. Precision bearings for smooth operation. Rotating handgrips adjust for different size users. Though many lifters attempt to execute the lateral shoulder raise properly, one of the limiting factors that many unknowingly run into is the proper positional setup for this movement. Anatomically correct cams for proper muscle resistance. Salient Features : Lateral Raise Machine M2-1002 allows exercisers to target the deltoid shoulder muscles. We have seriously come a long way in the options that we have available at most state-of-the-art fitness centers. The height of the handles are adjustable, so it will fit any height athlete and will bring huge benefits to your shoulders workout. Comfortable elbow pads isolate the shoulder muscles. Machine lateral raise. Lateral raise machines are the best substitute to doing lateral and side dumbbell raise. Machine Lateral Raise Instructions Begin by selecting the weight you wish to use on the stack of a lateral raise machine. Shipping was crazy fast. Especially considering that we're still in lock down. The lateral raise is one of the few movements that can hit all heads of the deltoid, based on the slightest of angles taken during the lateral raise. And it’s definitely tempting to want to skip the free weights altogether and just stick with these fancy new machines. While that’s not ideal, machines absolutely have their place in any training regime. Our Standing Lateral Raise is the perfect machine to efficiently target your Delts. Grand Fitness Plate Loaded lateral raise machine (freestanding) The plate loaded wall lateral raise machine is a great way to develop those hard to reach deltoids. Here’s Why: The CounterBalance and Cam System combine to give the perfect amount of ‘Drop Off’ or ‘DeLoad’ towards the top of the movement where the Delts are least efficient and you are at your weakest. 3 grub screws for strong attachment of Wire rope to the Weight Stack. Through this machine, you’ll be able to reduce stress on the rest of your body that you are not targeting, Lat Raise Machines provide a lot of lumbar support with their back rest and paddings. The first piece of equipment that I want to highlight is your standard lateral raise machine. The lateral raise machine was one of my favs at the commercial gym and I thought I would have to forgo it if I was gonna be working out in my garage going forward But thanks to this baby, I don't have to! It came in two boxes. Believe it or not, the problem is that a proper lateral raise is often among the last movements a bodybuilder learns to master. Adjust the seat height and sit facing the machine with your feet flat on the floor around shoulder width apart.