A quarter of London was destroyed in the fire, which began on 2 September 1666. Until recently a museum, Prince Henry's Room is a striking timber building sitting above the entrance to Inner Temple Lane. ", "He was very much looking to Paris - there were boulevards and grand avenues - to give the impression of civilised life.". There is also a fantastic 7th century Saxon arch with recycled Roman tiles in the church, some of the oldest surviving stonework in London. The exhibition - Creation from Catastrophe - looks at five of the plans submitted to build a new London. It can be extended over and over again - it's a perfect grid plan," says curator Jes Fernie. Charles Barry's grand design for the Palace of Westminster after the great 1835 fire saw the new House of Commons completed in 1852 and finished with … During the 1600s it was a tavern known as the Fountain Inn, and was visited by Samuel Pepys in 1661 of which he wrote "to the Fountain tavern and there stayed till 12 at night, drinking and singing". And above, the Marquis of Pombal - the driving force behind the reconfiguration of Lisbon - invites you to appreciate the new city. The first church, St Margaret Fish Street Hill, caught fire overnight. var locations=[['The Old White Shades
Pub (Now a wine bar), built in 1663
More Info',51.510402,-.08794,4],['The Seven Stars
Pub, built in 1602
More Info',51.514907,-.113549,4],['41 Cloth Fair
The oldest house in the City, built between 1597 - 1614
More Info',51.519071,-.099709,4],['St Bartholomews Gatehouse
Gatehouse, built in 1595
More Info',51.518422,-.100487,4],['The Staple Inn
Multi-use building, built in 1585
More Info',51.518055,-.11095,4],['The Guildhall
City Hall, built in 1411
More Info',51.51561,-.092339,4],['St Andrew Undershaft
Church, built in 1532
More Info',51.513597,-.081219,4],['St Giles-without-Cripplegate
Church, built in 1394 and 1682
More Info',51.518651,-.093709,4],['St Helens Bishopsgate
Church, built in the 12th century
More Info',51.514739,-.082034,4],['St Katharine Cree
Church, built in 1631 (tower from 1504)
More Info',51.513316,-.079105,4],['Tower of London
Castle, built in 1078
More Info',51.507981,-.075983,4],['74-75 Long Lane
House, built in 1598
More Info',51.519559,-.099331,4],['229 Strand
Townhouse, built in 1625
More Info',51.513523,-.112225,4],['The Hoop and Grapes
Pub, built in the mid-17th century
More Info',51.514325,-.074149,4],['St Etheldredas Church
Church, built in the late 13th century
More Info',51.518718,-.107091,4],['The Old Curiosity Shop
Shop, built in the 16th century
More Info',51.514932,-.117268,4],['Prince Henrys Room
Townhouse, built in 1610
More Info',51.513724,-.111004,4],['All Hallows-by-the-Tower
Church, built in 1658
More Info',51.50935,-.079448,4],['St Olave Hart Street
Church, built in 1450
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