On the way, an enormous member of the Eldrazi Brood attacked, killing Jace's mount but leaving the mind mage unscathed. Jace Beleren is a powerful and talented mind mage; capable of projecting his thoughts, crafting illusion, and clairvoyance. [14] Gideon attempted to rescue both Jace and Nissa but he too was defeated by the demon planeswalker. Here he settled into a comfortable life, living in the upper echelons of society and earning his money through blackmail. Finally arriving at the Eye, Jace found Ugin himself rebuilding the chamber and the hedron network. Liliana approached the captured Jace and tried to make him understand the reasons she'd done the things she had. Unable to use his magic against the pair, Jace found unexpected empathy from the Gruul warriors watching the bout. [55] After Jace managed to save them by blocking out all sounds with a new spell, they came to an uneasy understanding. After several days, he was fished up by Vraska and her crew. This resulted in Tezzeret and Jace scheming against each other, Tezzeret trying to kill Jace for his insubordination and impudence, and Jace just wanting to finally be free from Tezzeret and the Consortium. Communicating with the rest of the Gatewatch, Jace combined forces with Nissa and Tamiyo to trap Emrakul in Innistrad's moon, while Gideon and Chandra would keep the other Eldrazi away from them. As they walked through the city, they reached a gigantic door, engraved with the symbol of the Azorius Senate. He summoned a gigantic illusion of Rakdos himself and commanded the riot back into their own territory. Didn't know it was there before. Jace's mind was crushed and he instinctively planeswalked away to avoid mind-death.[37]. He usually tries to avoid physical combat. His specialty, though, is in the art of mental magic which makes him unique within the multiverse. Jace immediately went to fetch the Gatewatch. Having found out that Jori En -- Gideon's merfolk friend -- was trapped at Sea Gate, Gideon left to find her and to bring her back to Jace hoping that together they might be able to link Zendikar's leylines with the hedrons in order to find a way to stop the Eldrazi again. When he returned, the consortium had collapsed without him, but he couldn't seem to bring himself to care. Six months later, "Jace" in Kallist's body died and his mind returned to its original body with extreme trauma to Jace's psyche. When Chandra tried to kill Liliana (believing she'd killed Gideon), Jace stopped her by explaining the situation. Chandra was the first to awake and pulled Jace to his feet before walking away, leaving Jace to ponder who had manipulated the pair into crossing paths. Nighthowler . He used his illusions to camouflage Renegade ships and was involved in taking down the Skysovereign by luring skywhales to its location. Additionally, several influential members of the Azorius Senate of Ravnica had been petrified, leaving Jace to believe that Vraska, a rival planeswalker, could have returned. Vraska confessed that even though she was fully aware of the threat Bolas posed, she still murdered Isperia in a fit of rage, despite knowing that it would help further Bolas' plans. On Vraska's urgings, he sentenced Azor to be the caretaker of Useless Island for his meddlings in the affairs of Ixalan and countless other planes, enhanced by the power of his status as Living Guildpact. I know, old thread, but this match annoyed me so badly I just had to comment. Jace lived with her crew, relearning skills and later aiding Vraska's pirates in a raid against a ship from the Legion of Dusk with his illusions. There, he reconnected with Emmara and told her what he had discovered. They broke up after Vraska accused him of still having feelings for Liliana. With Jace's aid, the two managed to escape. Ultimately, Jace and the artificer dueled, resulting in Jace wiping Tezzeret's mind clean, leaving the consortium without a leader. [12] When Ulamog attacked, the Planeswalkers enacted a bold plan. Jace became distracted by the dragon, who held two conversations with them both. [17] While the plan worked at first, with Gideon keeping the Eldrazi swarms away from the army, Kiora clearing out any other swarms and Chandra supporting them, once the Eldrazi titans were anchored to Zendikar, their destructive essence threatened to assimilate Zendikar into themselves. The merfolk archivist begged Jace to return if he learned anything, and Jace walked away saying he would share anything he found. Deeply unsettled, the two parted ways, with Jace pondering what Emrakul's greater plan was. They were saved by Liliana, who arrived with an army of undead that she had raised on the way to Thraben. Jace took Kallist with him and ran to the farthest reaches of Ravnica in hopes of escaping the Consortium's wrath. A special trial was held with Isperia herself acting as judge. #3 Jul 20, 2009. She genuinely cared for him, and she helped Jace to escape the prison Tezzeret constructed. [53] Quickly growing frustrated with his desire to intellectually understand Nahiri's artifacts rather than to rush into action, she left again to take her own stand against the Kor planeswalker. I have been unable to beat Jace Beleren in the revenge campaign. Also, how high is your mana curve? He quickly deduced Calomir wasn't who he said he was, but Jace's suspicions were ill-received, and he was quickly thrown from Conclave territory. Jace is a human telemancer from Vryn, He focuses on blue mana. Jace then ordered Saheeli to disable the Immortal Sun (which had been reactivated as part of Gideon's plan to kill Bolas), allowing Ugin to planeswalk away with Bolas' body and giving Liliana the opportunity to escape certain death at the hands of the assembled Ravnicans. And every time, he'd wiped Jace's memory of it, taken the money for himself, and kept the war going. Masking himself as Liliana, Jace once more appeared before Garruk. He used Jace as a go-between, to gather information from the Ampryn and the Trovians, deliver it, and learn more just in the delivery. During the course of their talk, the maddening influence of the cryptoliths reasserted itself and Jace asked Liliana for directions to Thraben so he could confront Avacyn.[23]. Jace made a vow to himself to help Liliana in any way that he could. Ever since MTG Arena was officially released in September 2019, WotC has made quite a few changes to the card game’s digital platform. Kavin was not as thrilled with Jace's answers as the young telepath had been. They then decided to split up, Jace continuing to Akoum and Jori En heading back to alert Gideon of the coming disaster. Jace immediately went after them as soon as he awoke, distraught at both the abduction and the sudden gap in his memories.