There are many combos such as:Pentavus/Triskelavus + Rite of Passage + Krark-Clan Ironworks for Infinite mana (Both) infinite damage (Triskelavus) or an infinite/infinite (Pentavus). Of all the ways to approach the card, for this deck I'm going to focus on an approach that tutors for the Pentavus and uses it to run an engine. But we can't do anything with this. on May 5, 2004, Archive Now all you need is something to do with that infinite mana! Artifact Creature — Construct. Dross Scorpion | Whenever Dross Scorpion or another artifact creature dies, you may untap target artifact. then just repeat process before you know it Arcbound Crusher is gigantic, remove +1/+1 counter make a pentavite artifact token into play. It's actually better than that though. That's something pretty exciting. on May 5, 2004. They weren't necessarily the greatest at the time, though. wash, rinse, repeat, Remove counters from pentavus to put artifact creatures into play. In a sense, you have a much better version of Splintering Wind. No poll this week, but you can certainly expect to see them in upcoming weeks. Dismantle is yet another card that we can use to move tokens onto him. Tap Sol Ring and add 2 mana to your mana poo. Use it to activate the 2 abilities of Pentavus: create a token and sacrifice it. Here, though, you might gain more life, but you'll be losing it at the same time. This time, you'll have 3 mana. Updated Jul 08, 2018 by Xevis using our MTG Deck Builder. Boom! Recently viewed cards: Random card. The card Trash for Treasure describes to a tee the kind of value you're exchanging when you turn a Pentavite into another artifact. remove 1 to all +1/+1 counters from pentavus and put that many pentivite tokens into play, during you upkeep the amount of tokens will double during your upkeep from panoptic mirror imprinting parallel evolution. They almost remade the card once before (as Thopter Squadron), and while they took the ability of the card out of the upkeep and into the main phase, it was slow: Sorceries are like that… slow and unwieldy. Tetravus was a crazy card. By using the mana from Mana Echoes to get things started, you can have an arbitrarily large amount of colorless mana the turn you cast Pentavus , and there's little your opponent can do about it. I can fix this. Antiquities also brought Strip Mine, and it isn't the easiest task to assemble a full Urza-Tron set when people can easily pack Strip Mine in nearly any deck. Another more dangerous way to pull off the life trick is Dross Harvester. SpiritedAway. At 8 mana, you can finally break even with a Soul Warden for life gain, and at 10, you exceed it. Pentavus can't poke, but it can provide the blocker, and for less mana. Home Articles. When the very first players in Alpha cast Channel into Fireball, it sparked a passion for the thrill and excitement of combining two cards that work so well together that they can win the game on the spot. Pentavus for Life, Pentavus for Death Healing or hurting (or both! MTG Salvation Forums; Magic Fundamentals; Magic Rulings; Magic Rulings Archives; Shirei + Pentavus= Good combo? Bring that Intruder Alarm into the mix and suddenly you can turn a Pentavus and a Welder into a potent combination that brings every artifact in your graveyard into play! Back when Antiquities came out the Urza's Lands had just made their first showing, and for the most part, people were pretty excited about them. Other cards like Innocent Blood and Chainer's Edict get a similar treatment: out pops a little Pentavite to take a hit for the team. On the reverse end, you can also hurt your opponent. Twitter. Here goes! Just enough to put that last Pentavite back onto Pentavus, and bring him out again. I was looking over my cards, and I noticed that Pentavus and Leonin Elder would make me a lot of life. Although there were fairly easy combos to be had as soon as it was printed, Mirrodin added one of the best with Pentavus. You can get a much slower build-up from Black Market, but it won't take you to infinity. Then do the same thing all over again. Pentavus. My favorite choice of this type is Grave Pact. Also, anything to … One of my favorite things about this trick is that you can assemble a small gang of little blockers to take out an army of attackers (or one big one), and after they've dealt their damage they all run away before perish. Commander Legends releases on November 20, 2020. Combos Utilizing Pentavus. Try Dance of the Many, Clone, Sculpting Steel, or Copy Artifact to pull off this simple and fun trick. This comparison to Splintering Wind makes me smile quite a bit; years ago, I qualified for the Pro-Tour with Splintering Wind (and Natural Spring and Hailstorm and a number of other “bad” cards), so I couldn't help but think of the comparison once I noticed how like Forcefield the card is. Again, the critical number is 3 mana. One note from last week's article. If you play Pentad Prism with two colors, you have a slightly easier time with this combo, but let's demonstrate with a one color example. Follow up with Rooftop Storm to make our Zombies free. Again, there is the weakness to sweeping, but that's all you would have to worry about. Leonin Elder isn't the only way to pull off this trick. The first time I stumbled across Pentavus for Life, I did it in a draft. There's more! We already know that the card is going to require a bit more than a nickel's worth of mana if it is going to have enough juice to get going. For a measly one mana, the little ‘vite can come scurrying home to the Mother Ship to avoid danger. This one is so good though, that you'll have to make sure that you aren't playing in an area that uses tournament-style rules. A similar combo for infinite mana can be found with Dross Scorpion and Gilded Lotus, but that combo has already been written about many, many times. Better yet, though, is turning your Pentavus into a new Pentavus with 4 Pentavite friends. If we pretend, however, that we do have an abundance of mana because we've had the time to build it up, or because we've got a set of Urza's land out (or because your opponent put a Mana Flare into play), what can we accomplish? When Antiquities came out, the game was washed over by a ton of Artifacts.