In recent years they have actually grown in popularity significantly and manufacturers are starting to notice this. This varies from switch to switch but with linear mechanical switches there is no notch, so it feels smooth as you bottom out the switch. Most users of topre switches find the sound pleasant and that they are one of the quietest switches. So effectively they have made the switch travel time shorter and the actuation time shorter. The Discord-certified ClearCast mic comes standard on every Arctis headset. The silent reds also have a slightly shorter actuation (1.9mm) compared to the normal reds (2.0mm). Operating Force: 80cNPre-travel: 2.0mmTotal travel: 4.0mm. 55gf. With the ability to customize the distance at which each individual keypress registers, mechanical keyboards will never be the same. The only difference is that the greens have a harder spring so have a much higher actuation force (80 cN). Operating Force: 80cNPre-travel: 2.2mmTotal travel: 4.0mm. An all-new technology that brings unreal wireless speed and performance to gaming. Cherry MX red switches have grown in popularity significantly due to their versatility. There are so many variations of this switch nowadays that it is daunting for anyone trying to decide which to choose on their new mechanical keyboard. Also the OmniPoint switches didn't sustain any sort of damage (they retain their full range and don't seem to have changed in any way except for the feel and sound). The three main types of Cherry switches are linear, tactile non-clicky and tactile clicky. I have gone through Cherry Blues, Cherry Reds and Cherry Browns. A quick disclaimer that just like trying an office chair or a pair of shoes, choosing a Cherry MX switch often involves trying them. The tree diagram really helped the process become more simple than trying to figure out each aspect of each switch. I mention a few other bespoke switches towards the end of the article. There is one other type of switch I would recommend that you consider. But the main thing to be aware of here is how heavy these switches are. If you were like me back when I first started buying mechanical keyboards you probably feel overwhelmed with the amount of choice you have. They also have a shorter total travel distance at 3.7mm compared to 4.0mm of the reds. It is often a wonder why whites are not more popular. They must be purchased separately and built as part of a custom mechanical keyboard build. The Cherry MX Reds also come in a silent variety offering very quiet key presses. The green switches are a little harder to get your hands on too so you might be restricted in the keyboards you can buy. Some people enjoy the tactile click but others don’t like the fact that the release point is above the actuation point. I prefer the browns compared to the reds because of the tactile feedback. This is primarily personal preference but I would advise the blues unless you are sure that you prefer heavier switches. Our industry-leading software allows for the fullest and most advanced customization of all SteelSeries gear, so you can be the master of your setup. Unlike traditional mechanical switches that have a lot of moving parts and actuate via metallic contact, Razer™ Optical Switch enables actuation via light. By softest I mean they glide straight down and feel smooth as you press them. The Cherry MX brown has ranked number 1 in /r/MechanicalKeyboards polls on numerous occasions thanks to its availability. Sign up takes seconds, and is totally free! Operating Force: 45cNPre-travel: 2.0mmTotal travel: 4.0mm. Linear actuation is great for double-tapping, rapid keystrokes in succession, and uninterrupted half-presses. Having played games since the age of 7 he is a gamer at heart. When the switch bottoms out, it has a unique tock sound that makes the switch unique. This is similar to the brown/clear dilemma in that if you prefer a heavier switch then go with the Cherry MX Greens, otherwise just stick with the blues. For most people reading about Cherry switches though they will be looking at the stock switches. They are great for typing but it is a mixed opinion when it comes to gaming on blue switches. The most popular mechanical switch in the world – the Cherry MX mechanical switch. Cherry MX switches have been the most popular mechanical switches for years now. And if sound is a factor, rubber dome keyboards are basically silent. I’ll be back to double-check my choice . Romer-G Linear. That is the best way to know for sure what Cherry MX mechanical switch is your favourite. If you are still stuck or you have more questions please leave a comment below and I would love to help you. As for what they sound like, here is a sound clip of a comparison of different Topre switches vs. Cherry Browns and another sound clip of Topre switches. The Cherry MX Clear switches are very similar to the browns except they have a higher actuation force (65 cN) and a more prominent bump. Like yourself, I also like to slightly feel the key press while gaming as long as the bump isn’t overly noticeable, and requires too much force to press them. Yes the Zealios v2 67g are the switches I am currently using in my custom board they are a great tactile option. Magnificent article, great sounds! 45gf. Cherry MX Blue switches are easily this most used tactile clicky mechanical switch. If you like a heavier key and want strong feedback from your keys then you should have a look at the Cherry MX Clears. Tactile switches are ideal for competitive and FPS gaming.