When you perform a DNA paternity test the result will be conclusive in most cases with the result either confirming that the father is ‘not excluded’ from being the biological father or alternatively it will confirm that he is ‘excluded’ with 100% certainty. Paternity test results are not an indicator of whether or not your twins or identical or fraternal. Order our at home paternity test sample collection kit, prepay for the test and return the easy to take sample in our preaddressed envelope and your results will be available to you in 3-5 days. The test statistic distribution is indicated in gray, the region indicating paternity inclusion is indicated in green, the region indicating paternity exclusion is indicated in beige, and the region indicating indeterminate paternity is indicated in black. DDC Paternity Test Results at a Glance. Dna testing; How to read your dna test results; Back To List. In a DNA paternity test, the result (called the 'probability of parentage) [3] [ failed verification ] is 0% when the alleged parent is not biologically related to the child, and the probability of parentage is typically 99.99% when the alleged parent is biologically related to the child. If the man being tested is the biological father of both twins, the results will be 99.99% for the paternity test, even if the twins aren’t identical. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Paternity test results for two separate women: (a) one with paternity inclusion and (b) one with paternity exclusion. For a standard paternity test (testing one possible father with one child) a highly-accredited lab should return DNA paternity test results in one (1) to two (2) business days once all samples are received. Whether you decide to come to our facilities, or order our Paternity test online, we can provide you with fast, confidential results. There are four areas on the report: A chart containing the tested parties’ DNA profiles; The Combined Paternity Index (CPI) Probability of paternity; The conclusion reached about the relationship; To ensure a very-high-quality test, DDC examines a minimum of 20 genetic markers. All our DNA tests are performed by analyzing 21 genetic loci. Advertising Disclosure . The DNA Test Report shows the results of laboratory DNA tests that provide evidence regarding the alleged family relationship. Understanding Your Paternity Test Result. DNA testing is currently the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage.