I made your recipe earlier today and after the first time being in the oven for about an hour, there was this liquid at the bottom. I don't understand the question. I'm sure it would be just okay. :), Hi there, Hi Morgan, I wish I could help, but to be perfectly honest, I've never used a crock pot in my life. Very disappointing. But it's still soupy and it never turned dark! I'm just thinking as I write this, I was using only 1/2 of the pork required for the recipe. The oven's dry heat is what is needed, even better if you have a convection oven. Of all the animal products that can be consumed, pork is by far my favourite. I was searching for a sweet and sticky pork recipe that didn't require a plethora of ingredients to chop, dice and slice. It’s always tender and moist. Increase the recipe as necessary! Next time around, don't trim the fat; that helps to keep the meat moist during the cooking process. Pork cooks quickly, and some might argue that three hours is too long, but you need to trust me. Do I use of the sauce the first time I put sauce on, or all of what the recipe calls for and double it? Mine had alot of liquid in the bottom as well I drained most of it and then added the honey and garlic.... it came out awesome!!! And, even the cheapest cuts can be prepared in such a way that a gourmet meal is the result. :). It's in the oven now and I decided to just take a look at the original recipe (I wrote it down on a note card after making it the first time and loving it) and was pleasantly surprised that you've recently updated it with more instructions and photos! Just something a little different from the clam-based stuffing(s). :). Drain some of the fat? This appetizer is a holiday favorite at my house. Glad you enjoyed it! I have inserted pictures here just to show you what you can expect during the execution of this dish. Trim the fat cap if it’s still on the piece of pork you buy. Thank you so much for doing that, especially showing how much water there would be after the first hour. Also, do not be tempted to use a leaner cut of pork. I've made something similar to this before without making them "bites" and it's also my favorite way to prepare pork! A package of VELVEETA, a can of diced tomatoes and green chilies, and pork sausage. Thank you so very much! Thanks! I don't know how long they take to cook or what their temperatures are. This first picture will show you how large the pork pieces and the onion slices actually are. They can be served at receptions, baby showers, Bible studies, or tailgate parties! I was a little skeptical at first bdue to the amount of oil/juices that was left over before adding the honey. In fact, the liquid is needed to keep the pork moist and tender. Do you put water with the pork cubes garlic and onions in the oven?? Sandwiches can be made up in advance and stored in refrigerator until ready to bake. This is an easy, toss-everything-together-at once type of recipe; my favourite!! If you love sauce, then you'll just have more of it! I did not drain the fat from mine, but it does depend on the cut of pork. But there's so much liquid! Have you ever made this recipe ahead and reheated? I'm also wondering if it can be reheated because I usually love leftovers? Remove dish from oven, stir, and bake for 30 minutes. If you do try it that way, come back and comment so that other readers might use that method too if it works well. The pork will lose a lot of moisture, but keeping the dish covered will keep the moisture locked in. They are very thick but I know I need to drastically reduce the cook time. I uped the temp to 375 and was able to omit the final 30 minute cook time! refrigerated crescent dough rolls, Hillshire … Thanks. Can you please help me with the time to cook so I don't overcook it? Moist, tender meat....love my Actifry. It's hard to say where things go wrong, Sheila. I look forward to making this, it looks amazing! These are fantastic for both a super bowl party or a luncheon tea. Very easy little pizzas to make -- my family counts on them for New Year's Eve! Can you use thick boneless pork chops instead? :), In the final stages now...I love them, and they're not even done yet. :) No, there is no soy sauce in the recipe. That is about all I can say. Nice to see you flaunting your meat on the web good sir ;) I'm in complete agreement with you on Pork, I love the stuff, quite often not the prettiest of pieces of protein to use but always wonderfully tasty with an excellent variety of the fattier cuts and really lean cuts that enable it to be used in such a wonderfully varied number of ways. Wondering if You think substituting maple syrup for the honey would work?