The PRS SE Standard Guitar is available in the SE 245 Standard single-cut or as the SE Standard 24. First up was the SE 245 (with humbuckers). PRS SE 245 Standard (Tobacco Sunburst) AU $929.00. Test Driving of the PRS SE Range. PRS SE Custom … Pole Surrender. or Best Offer. PRS S2 Vela - Black - Dots Sold Out. PRS SE Hollowbody II - Tri Colour Sunburst $1,899.00 $2,250.00. or Best Offer. Paul Reed Smith Prs Se Custom 24 Exotic Tops Limited Edition Spalted Maple. PRS - SE 245 - Vintage Sunburst $1,189.00 $1,399.00. PRS SE Seven String - Grey Black Sold Out. 7 watching. AU $41.35 postage . PRS SE Zach Myers - Trampas Green $1,199.00 $1,449.00. PRS - SE 277 - Charcoal Burst $1,229.00 $1,449.00. AU $56.64 postage. The SE's are, at least the 'Custom' range, designed to resemble the 'Core' line of PRS - have that stunning Maple top (even if its just a veneer on SE's) and, at a quick glance or to some non-PRS fans easily mistaken for the much more expensive models. Free postage. PRS SE Santana Singlecut Trem - Egyptian Gold Sold Out. Colours: Cherry Sunburst, Grey Black, Black, Tortoise Shell and Tobacco Sunburst. Singlecut bodies like the SE 245 make it harder to access the upper frets. But as far as looks go, I would go with the SE 245, even though it does have a shorter scale length than most guitars. PRS SE Custom 22 Semi Hollow - Grey Black $1,229.00 $1,449.00. RRP: $1,299.00 >>> Our Price: $1,099.00 Please note: All prices quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) Qty: PRS S2 Standard 22– Ice Blue Sold Out. AU $3,239.43. Sadly a USA PRS was way out of my price league, but their new SE Range, including the PRS SE 245, Santana SE, and Custom SE drew me into the guitar shop one day…. PRS SE Hollowbody II - Charcoal Burst $1,899.00 $2,250.00. The Custom 24 and Standard 24 are the traditional PRS guitars, albeit in their budget SE line, while the 245 is their version of Gibson's Les Paul. PRS S2 Vela – Antique White Sold Out. The PRS SE Guitar Range also offers a 7-string model, the SE SVN (Seven) as well as Baritone Guitars such as the SE 277 and the SE 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar. PRS SE Hollowbody Standard - Fire Red Burst $1,699.00 $1,999.00. If you solo or play up high often, I suggest the Se Custom 24 because its a double cutaway. Second Hand Paul Reed Smith Prs Se Allender P.A.S. PRS S2 Starla - Frost Blue Metallic - Dots $2,199.00. The most obvious difference is the shape of the body; the 24s are cut away next to the neck on the top and the bottom, while the 245 is only cut away on the bottom. PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Grey Black $1,249.00 $1,449.00. Too close to my Les Paul, with none of that additional ‘poke’ I was looking for, a little generic even. Both are PRS, and both are amazing guitars for the price. PRS SE 245 PRS SE 245 - With a voice that is classic, eminently recordable and gig ready, the SE 245 is perfect for traditional single-cutaway players. Both are slightly different and offer a variation of the SE Custom. Next up was the Custom SE. AU $1,554.38. Best On A Budget PRS SE 245 Great for players looking for a PRS without the high price tag View Prices Best Overall PRS SE Custom 22 Arguably the definitive PRS in terms of shape, looks, feel and tone View Prices Best Premium