My Studio. AT4041 vs KSM137 vs NT5 vs SE5 Share Quote. Téléchargements. The SM81 is about 350 new. Rode NT5 vs Shure SM57 (acoustic guitar) (pt.1) Crash Course Recor­ding . Share Quote. I am shopping for a mic for recording acoustic guitar. Thanks. Rode NT5 vs Shure SM81 on Acoustic Guitar. For the purpose SM81 is a better choice. Tout afficher. Specs. Guides en ligne. Recording Acoustic Guitars. (Edit : Site available !! Shure SM81 vs Rode NT5 . Close micing cymbals unfortunately eliminates NT5 due to its inability to cope with higher SPL. My Studio. $600. Any feedback would be appreciatied. TurboJets. I already have an AKG C3000 and was wondering if I should just buy a Shure SM81 to go with the AKG or use the Rodes. 24th January 2015 #2. (Rode site is not responding, so I can't give a model name). AT Pro37's Share Quote. But I am interested in a small diaphragm mic. I have used Rode NTK and Rode NT1-A with pretty decent results. 3 Reviews written. Has anyone compared the SM81s to the NT5s? 24th January 2015 #3. VIGO Recor­ding Studio . I know a lot of people use them, but I think I could probably do better. Both microphones provide great recording quality and they have similarity in technical specifications as you can see in our comparison table. Shure SM81: People also know Shure, but these aren't super high-end. A pair of NT5s go for about 400. Shure SM81 vs Rode NT5. I found the NT5 to be quite harsh and undesirable when i borrowed a set when there were first on the market. Youtube. SM81 to NT5 comparison. $400. I've used some RODE NT5's that I borrowed one time and I really liked the way they sounded on a classical guitar. Rode NT5: The lower end of this spectrum. I haven't played with the NT5, I like the 81 on things like fiddle and HightHat. 1 Review written. They have a bit of warmth in midrange and a smooth top end that can warm up a fiddle/ give the HH some body and keeps the bow-scratch from getting too … 11th June 2006 #2. tINY. The acoustic guitar is one of the most frequently recorded instruments in the studio, but it is often recorded poorly. There is, however NT5 'version' with pad which works perfectly. Drumsound. Gear Guru . Tout afficher. Gear Guru . Tout afficher. Lives for gear . The main competitor of the Shure SM81 in the instrumental microphones class is Rode NT5. I've used these and have been decently satisfied with them on overheads, but again, I figure I could probably do much better. Or other suggestions in that price range. I can't afford Schoeps or really expensive mics .