SharePoint Online cheat sheet Learn how to use SharePoint Online, create sites, share and manage documents, work with calendars, integrate with Outlook and more. The “Edit” icon column: a SharePoint essential for all lists and libraries Yesterday in a SharePoint 200 session I gave at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, I shared one of my favorite SharePoint “nuggets” which is the “Edit” icon available out-of-the-box, and easily added by any level of user in just 4 … A quick note about SharePoint Server 2016: This is the latest on-premise version of SharePoint. On mouse hover provides the explanation "Type:List" but within the icon are a range of blue inset smaller icons which seem to be used to differentiate Lists. SharePoint uses a whole range of icons; is there anywhere where they are explained? Use the Office UI Fabric icons. Option 2: Follow from the site. If you created a new site in SharePoint yourself – you would automatically follow it – nothing extra for you to do! For example: on the Site Content and Structure screen you have a series of orange icons. Icons for SharePoint, Office 365 and SAP Portal Add an Icon design element to your SharePoint sites and pages. A server farm is just a collection of servers working together to serve a common purpose, or in this case, a web page. Use this HTML to show for example an email icon 2. Sooner or later, when reading about SharePoint, you will undoubtedly come across the term SharePoint farm.In a broader sense in IT, the term farm is used for servers. It does NOT provide the length of a string value (see the indexOf workaround explained later on for such operation). Option 1: Auto-follow. If you wanted to implement this in your organization, you will need to have your IT team, a Microsoft partner, or a licensed SharePoint distributor install this on your current server for you. Here are the three easy steps to use the icons: 1. Office UI Fabric provides font icons for us SharePoint developers to use them in a SharePoint add-in, web part or on SharePoint on-premise. If you want to follow a site, just click Follow Star Icon in the upper-right-hand-corner of the site. There are three ways for you to follow sites in SharePoint! Use this ShortPoint design element to show icons without any coding. Icon Examples. ShortPoint Icons The list below contains all the icons … Live Preview.