Sleeping sickness, also known as trypanosomiasis, is a disease spread by a vector-borne parasite. Sleeping sickness: treatment Treatment of this disease is carried out in a clinic under strict medical supervision. And stage 2 patients have faced a week of infusions that can cause … Easier Treatment Approved For The Scourge Of Sleeping Sickness : Goats and Soda The disease is hard to diagnose. In total six different drugs are used for the treatment of sleeping sickness. Treatment success in the second stage depends on drugs that cross the blood-brain barrier to reach the parasite. Protozoan parasites that belong to the genus Trypanosoma, transmitted to humans by the … Strategies for elimination of West African trypanosomiasis rests on three strategies: active and passive case finding followed by treatment of the confirmed cases, and vector control to … The choice of drugs depends on the stability of the pathogen to them , the … New treatment guidelines for gambiense human African trypanosmiasis were issued by WHO in 2019.