31st March – 46% clearance rate Sydney. 14th May – 80% clearance rate 1st July – 70% clearance rate 18th November – 62% clearance rate 27th February – 77% clearance rate 11th February – 84% clearance rate 15th August 2020 – 66% Clearance Rate Sydney auction report card: September 2019. Established in 1999, Homesearch Solutions is a fully Licensed Real Estate Buyers Agency. 9th July – 75% clearance rate The purchase of a property is a far more complex and time consuming task, and as it is for most people the largest financial outlay they will ever make, it stands to reason that professional advice is very important. 3rd June – 74% clearance rate August’s 71 per cent clearance rate rose to 76 per cent when the sales secured within a two-week timeframe of the unsuccessful auction are included, increasing to 81 per cent within six to eight weeks (which is likely to increase as more results come in). 4th March – 78% clearance rate Mobile : 0409 105015 In comparison, the previous week saw 947 auctions and a final auction clearance rate of 71.9 per cent. 12th March – 76% clearance rate 6th August – 79% clearance rate 7th March 2020 – 76% Clearance Rate 525 Auction results available. Sydney’s final auction clearance rate was also the highest since February 2017. 5th November – 77% clearance rate In September, 11 per cent of sellers withdrew their homes from auction, well down from the 20 to 25 per cent seen in late 2018 and early 2019. 25th November – 66% clearance rate He has purchased over $400 million worth of residential property for clients, including some of Sydney’s finest homes. 26th September 2020 – 70% Clearance Rate 4th June – 80% clearance rate 10th November 42% Clearance Rate 19th September 2020 – 72% Clearance Rate 30th April– 74% clearance rate 29th June, 2019 – 67% Clearance Rate 17th March – 66% clearance rate 30th June 55% Clearance Rate 21st May – 78% clearance rate 9th April – 70% clearance rate 21st October – 70% clearance rate 15th July – 72% clearance rate 16th June 57% clearance rate 25th February – 70% clearance rate 12th November – 80% clearance rate Sydney auction clearances jump to two-year high. Sydney topped the preliminary clearance rates for the capital cities, with 66.6 per cent across 326 results. Overall, the city hosted 535 auctions last week, compared with 332 the week before. Auction clearance rates remain healthy as 2019 starts to wrap up. There were 846 homes taken to auction across Sydney this week, down on the week prior when 976 auctions were held. Aug 25, 2019 – 1.21pm. 3rd August, 2019 – 71% Clearance Rate As you can see from the following chart and auction clearance rates are regularly approaching 80%, a level at which the imbalance of more buyers than there are sellers causes house prices to rise . 28th May – 72% clearance rate 18th May, 2019 – 56% Clearance Rate We also help immigrants to locate their new homes, and give advice on Sydney’s best suburbs for a variety of budgets. VIC auction results New South Wales. 3rd October 2020 – 72% Clearance Rate 8th July 51% Clearance Rate 15th September 53% Clearance Rate Michael Bleby Senior reporter. Save. 8th April – 81% clearance rate ... 26/8/2019. 374 Auction results available. 30th November 2019 – 81% Clearance Rate 81 %Clearance rate* Wed 25 Nov 11:58 PM AEDT. 13th August – 82% clearance rate 9th November 2019 – 74% Clearance Rate During the final week of November, 934 auctions were held in Sydney, returning a preliminary clearance rate of 82.3 per cent. 23rd November 2019 – 78% Clearance Rate Henry is a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent and holds a Diploma in Business (Real Estate Management) from Macleay College.…, Sydney Buyers Agency : Properties we have purchased, Homesearch Solutions & Henry Wilkinson in the Media, Homesearch Solutions offers the following service options (click on option for further details): Full Property Search Service Auction Bidding Property Appraisal Reports Negotiation Assistance Sales Advisory Service 1. 17th February – 67% clearance rate 8th July – 71% clearance rate 8th December 45% Clearance Rate 7th April – 67% clearance rate Having assessed and inspected thousands of properties since becoming a buyers agent, his experience enables him to be able to pick a quality property. 18th July 2020 – 64% Clearance Rate 9th September – 73% clearance rate 13th July, 2019 – 71% Clearance Rate When the purchaser is satisfied it is time to sign a copy of the Contract of Sale and pay a deposit (usually 10%, but can…, August 2011 – Now is a good time to buy In our 12 years operating as buyers agents we have observed a general tendency to the “herd mentality” with property buyers. Stay ahead of auction market trends with the latest weekend data and historical results on Domain. 20th October 44% Clearance Rate The auction clearance rate is calculated by dividing the total number of properties sold at auction (or directly before or after) by the number of auctions reported. 29th August 2020 – 68% Clearance Rate 8th February 2020 – 80% Clearance Rate 27th August – 81% clearance rate 27th June 2020 – 64% Clearance Rate 5th May – 62% clearance rate 16th September – 67% clearance rate Victoria. 13th May – 79% clearance rate 13th February – 74% clearance rate Those with limited experience in purchasing a property Overseas, interstate & regional buyers who are unable to physically look at properties Time poor executives, working couples or families Property investors Those seeking confidentiality Buyers not wanting to deal directly with selling agents The bargain hunter People intimidated by auctions Some of the reasons that people have contracted Homesearch Solutions as their Buyer’s Agent include : We are highly experienced and professional Homesearch Solutions commenced operations in 1999. 15th October – 80% clearance rate 12th August – 74% clearance rate Care is needed in interpreting clearance rates as the rate does not reflect differences in performance in suburbs and areas within the Sydney market.