It requires only 2 ingredients - Sesame seeds and Olive oil. Almond-Tahini Shake Recipe This shake tastes like sesame candy because of the tahini--a thin, ground-up sesame seed paste that can be used in the same manner as peanut butter. Look for tahini made of hulled toasted Tahini can be used as a dip, spread or sauce for almost anything from breads and pasta, spinach and baked potatoes, to roast lamb and pan-fried fish. But since this substitute is oiler than tahini, you’ll likely need less of it—start with Tahini can be used to enhance your recipes or can be eaten as is. It's healthier than peanut butter and is made of only two ingredients; sesame seeds and oil. Tahini can be made without any extra oil if you're looking to cut down on the grams of fat in the final product. There’s no paste here, though, so it won’t do the trick when texture is what your recipe needs. With just two ingredients and less than 30minutes you can have a full jar of fresh homemade tahini that is better However, the tahini will not be as creamy and will take longer to grind down to a paste. Tahini or sesame paste is one of the staple ingredients in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean kitchen. It might be added to a salad dressing , to pan juices for roast meats or used to flavour baked rolls and breads, and even in cookies and cakes . But in terms of flavor, sesame oil is a pinch-hitter. My recipe technically has three ingredients because I use two different kinds of oil, sesame seed oil, and olive oil. Homemade Tahini Recipe - This is nothing but the paste of roasted sesame seeds. Learn How to make Tahini paste at home. This tahini recipe is fresh, creamy and very cost-effective when made at home. Try it slathered over toasted sourdough or as a … Step by Step and video to make Easy Homemade Tahini Paste Recipe or How to make Tahini at home with just 2 ingredients and ideas to use it. Tahini is a delicious paste made using sesame seeds and it is popularly used in hummus recipes and other Middle Eastern recipes. Recipe creator Diana Moutsopoulos calls this spread "tahini-tella," a better-for-you version of the chocolate hazelnut spread.