This island is ruled by Taj, but was then taken over by Wizpig, the main antagonist of the game. Timber's Island is a location where the events of Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS happens at. Drumstick reprises the same role in the remake of the game, Diddy Kong Racing DS.A different method is used to unlock Drumstick in this game: in the center hub of Timber's Island, the player must use the stylus to flick a frog from the bottom screen onto a … Constantly training on the island's many tourist-trap racetracks, Drumstick has honed his ability to become one of the greatest racers on the island. Drumstick the Rooster is a rooster that lives on Timber's Island in Diddy Kong Racing and is well-known among the locales for his racing skills. William5000000 12,931 views. Diddy Kong Racing is a racing game for the Nintendo 64.It was also the first game to include Conker the Squirrel.. Diddy Kong Racing ST Extra - Timber's Island Themes - Duration: 10:02. Wizpig is said to be from Future Fun Land and he is trying to take over Timber's Island in this game. ... Diddy Kong Racing - Spacedust Alley / Star City (Cover) - Duration: 3:40. Plot. Timber the Tiger's parents go on vacation and leave their son in charge of the island they live on, leaving him and his friends to race for fun. Diddy Kong Racing DS [].