If you are looking for waterproof ATV speakers to install on your ATV for outdoor listening, the BOSS MRWT40 comes highly recommended. We really enjoyed the sound performance of the Bazooka 8 inch waterproof ATV speakers. It also comes with a 3.5mm auxiliary input for you to connect non-wireless music sources. These speakers have a weatherproof and water-resistant housing which protects it against outdoor elements such as rain and sunlight, and have a rugged heavy-duty construction design. These speakers feature dynamic balance technology and come with a pivoting 1” terylene tweeter, neodymium motor structure and conex spiders with oversized voice coils for increased power handling. These speakers are built specially for high-quality audio output while riding in the ATV with excellent bass reproduction. It delivers really crisp sound performance and comes with Bluetooth audio streaming which allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone device using Spotify or Pandora. The speakers each have an RMS power of 125 watts (250 watts per pair) and 500 watts max power (250 watts x 2). UTV Side by Side Speakers. You can really crank up the volume on these speakers and they will produce enough volume to drown out engine background noises; we did not hear any distortion while playing music at maximum volume which is really good. To power up the speaker, all you have to do is to connect it to a 12V power source. The Pyle Marine 800 Watt Waterproof ATV speakers are some of the most powerful speakers we have tested with really cool LED lighting features. We cranked the volume level up to maximum and these speakers have enough volume to drown out ATV engine noise while maintaining consistent music quality. The Pyle speakers come with easy handlebar mounting brackets and accessories for quick installation, which is an ice added touch. The MRWT40 comes with mylar dome tweeters which produces sweet midranges and has a higher durability which does not rust easily. They have a cut-out dimension of 4.61” and a mounting depth of 2.37” for easy installation. The driver is 5.25” wide and the tweeter complement is 1” long. Installing these speakers is also straightforward and are easily mountable on ATV cage bars. We liked the fact that you can really crank up the volume on these speakers without hearing any distortion which is great – the sound projection is very good and blasts out music without dispersing too quickly. As we already mentioned, the bass is an important thing, but when riding a vehicle that torques a lot you will very rarely feel the bass. The speakers come with waterproof poly-injection speaker cones and high performance tweeters for crystal clear sound reproduction and have a wide frequency response between 45 Hz to 25 k Hz. The Bazooka speaker has a maximum 450 watts of peak power with easy integrated Bluetooth and auto-reconnect functionality – it also allows for hands-free phone calls when you pair the speakers with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. For a set of 5.25” speakers, they deliver really crisp and crystal clear sound performance with a decent amount of volume – more than what you can expect from these speakers. The Bazooka ATV tube speakers have a marine-grade construction that is designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements and exposure to water. The Polk Audio MM1 are some of the best waterproof ATV speakers for custom-built ATV audio installations. Overall, the Pyle Marine 800 watt speaker is one of the best waterproof ATV speakers available and we highly recommend them. The highs and midranges on the ATVB speakers are well-balanced, and the lows and deep response has plenty of depth. Pair of NOAM N5 speakers featuring a 3" passive radiator in the back of the pod for increased bass experience. These coaxial speakers also have a 12db per octave crossover and an open grill design to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt. The sound quality that we got from these speakers is crisp, clear and very well-defined with plenty of volume output – the volume is high enough to drown out ATV engine background noise. This Bluetooth UTV audio system is powered by a 12-volt plug-in for your power outlet. UTV Speakers & Amplifiers. It features an open grille design for minimizing any dust or mud build-up on the speaker and allows for easy cleaning. The unit is covered by an ultra-durable plastic material which is scratch and damage resistant. The speakers also have Bluetooth audio streaming and allow you to play music directly from Spotify or Pandora wirelessly. The sound performance of the Boss Audio ATV6B is nice, crisp and loud. The ATV speakers also come with a high-performance built-in 450 watt Class A/B amplifier for really good sound performance and volume. This ATV speaker is essentially plug and play straight out of the box and ideal for ATV or UTV installations with easy pairing. Classical and instrumental music sounded sharp and crisp with nice timbre ranges; bass-heavy music genres performed equally well with nice lows and midrange depth. When we tested these speakers, we really liked how loud the speakers can go while drowning out engine background noises from the ATV – the sound projection is really good and you can pick up details in the music which sound crisp and well-defined. 0 ) out of 5 stars Current Price $76. Overall, the Pyle Marine 800 watt speakers are some of the best waterproof ATV speakers that certainly pack and punch with a very flashy LED design. These speakers come with built-in Bluetooth audio streaming which allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone device including apps such as a Pandora and Spotify through the Bluetooth remote control. They easily rival built-in ATV speaker systems and produce really clear and audible sound even at high speed levels. The Bazooka ATV speakers are waterproof ATV speakers designed for high performance sound reproduction with 450 watts peak power. They have a really sleek and polished appearance and mounts nicely on the ATV without taking up too much space. These ATV speakers are equipped with high-performance acoustic drivers to deliver optimal sound quality in outdoor open spaces and under the loud engine noise of your ATV. The ATV speakers are relatively compact and has a dimension of 2.5” x 2.5” x 3” which makes them easy to mount on ATV cages and handlebars. The NOAM NUTV4 are a set of high performance waterproof ATV speakers designed to deliver superb sound performance. The sound quality of the NOAM NUTV4 far exceeded our expectations. The entire speaker is made from durable scratch-resistant plastic material that protects it against outdoor elements. It also features a universal heavy duty mounting system for easy installation on ATV or UTV cage bars. We also liked the fact that these speakers are pretty responsive to EQ changes – you can tweak the bass and timbre ranges and they will sound quite good on the Pyle speakers. They also come with weatherproof construction which is resistant to rain and exposure to water. The speakers are marine-grade certified and feature an IP56 rating that comes with a non-corrosive fiberglass reinforced ABS basket with epoxy coated crossovers. You can expect no muddiness or distortion on the Pyle PLMCA90 speakers and they really do deliver quality sound performance with plenty of attention to detail.