The abalone are then dried using traditional and completely natural methods, in the warm sun and pure air of the island to achieve our special candy heart. On the other hand, dried abalone takes the longest time to cook among the three as it has the firmest texture. Abalone is a variety of large edible sea snail. Order fresh seafood online including abalone, crab, lobster, and sushi grade fish. With a unique flavor, Fresh Abalone meat is commonly enjoying breaded and fried. In addition to being a prized gourmet seafood, they are known for their beautiful brightly colored shells. Candy Abalone is … The flesh needs tenderising or slow cooking but the flavour is fantastic. Fresh abalone (including frozen fresh abalone), in comparison, is the cheaper alternative to canned abalone and is equally, if not, more versatile than canned abalone. However, it tastes a bit fishier. Farm opens saturday & sunday 10am-4pm Farm opens saturday & sunday 10am-4pm Farm opens saturday & sunday 10am-4pm Farm opens saturday & sunday 10am-4pm Sage Smudge Kit - White Sage Smudge Sticks - 4in ~ Abalone Shell 5-6in ~ 2in Tripod Stand ~ 9-12in Feather and White Sand 4.8 out of 5 stars 6,537 £20.99 £ 20 . Abalone is also sourced from the Southern Zone of South Australia, a wild and remote coastline which predominately produces blacklip abalone. Also known as ormer in Britain, the mollusc is highly prized and can be eaten raw or cooked. This Australian abalone is particularly large and meaty. Yumbah Greenlip Abalone Yumbah is the largest producer of Greenlip abalone in the world and we take great pride in offering this magnificent abalone to our discerning clients across the globe. We are an online fishmonger offering gourmet seafood delivered to you… Blue abalone from New Zealand 8 cm shell length Choose pack of 2 or 1kg bag (about 14) The shell of the abalone (it rhymes with baloney by… Our wild caught abalone are individually hand harvested from the pristine waters of southern Australia. 99 Buy abalone (or 'ormer') from us. The best place to buy seafood online with free nationwide overnight shipping. Once prized from the rocks by experienced abalone divers, the abalone are quickly transported to leading processing establishments, all approved by the Australian Quarantine and Export Service (AQIS). Fresh abalone is from a sustainable hand caught fishery.