Check to see if doing so fixes the notifications not working issue on Windows 10. For that: Some users reported that this fix worked for them but they had to repeat it after a while to get their notifications working again. Windows notifications provide a great way for Windows users to get important alerts from the apps. Users who experienced this also noticed that the notifications weren’t showing up in the action center as well. Scroll down this window and check if all the apps you want to get notifications are turned on. In the elevated command prompt, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter. Unfortunately, the Windows 10 notifications aren’t working properly after the latest Windows Update. In order to do so, follow the steps below. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to turn on or off notification banner & sound for Windows 10 built-in Mail app. How to Turn On / Off Notification Banner & Sound for Windows 10 Mail App. If you can, report the bug in the Windows Feedback hub. Type PowerShell in the search box and select Windows PowerShell from the best match. For instance, you are running a specific app that would bring a Windows notification, but you can’t see the notification alert nor hear a notification sound. So, making sure that the notifications are turned on for your system is the first step. In the search option of the taskbar type “Notifications & actions settings” without quote and press enter. For that: In some cases, the HDD or SSD that you might be using as your partition might need to be defragged and due to the delay in this process by the default Windows defragger, you might be getting issues such as the Windows 10 Notifications not working and other errors. In some cases, the issue might be triggered if the Windows 10 Action center has somehow been disabled or if it is being interfered with on your computer through a third-party app or service. We will also make you go through a series of steps that will help you check whether the notifications are on for specific apps. Enable Notifications for Specific Apps, Method 3. Usually, these files can be repaired by running System File Checker. Select Notifications & actions on the left pane, and then turn on the Get Notifications from apps and other senders toggle switch on the right side. You will, however, see the notification count increment by 1. Download the Advanced System Care Tool from. Not getting any alert (sound or notification banner) about receiving new email? This will turn off the notifications for all the apps. Find and click Microsoft Teams under "Get notifications from these senders". DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth You can select the number of passes that you want it to perform and we recommend that you go for at least 4. In order to do that, follow the guide below. However, before doing so, we will have to download and install it on our computer. It is also possible that it isn’t properly registered with the Microsoft servers due to which you are facing the notifications issue on your computer. Open this text document and paste the following lines inside of the text document. Although this file turns on the notifications for all apps and senders, you can still follow the steps given in method 2 and change various other settings according to your liking. Therefore, in this step, we will be hiding the taskbar when it isn’t active and that should fix this issue for some users. In order to do this: Most users that were unable to fix this issue with any solution available on the internet were most likely running into it due to a bad HDD that was unable to fix itself by fragmentation or even through a clean Windows Install. This will not affect showing notification banners above the taskbar notification area. In today’s article, you will learn 4 troubleshooting methods from MiniTool. Please wait for the process to finish. Step 2. You can also turn on/off the notifications for all apps via the … Save your changes and login to the account using the credentials that you chose. It seems like on that post, no notifications were appearing in the action center.. If these notifications aren’t displaying properly or at all, you’ll find several fixes you can try in this guide to get them working again.