Home • Programs/Specializations • World Percussion • MFA, The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts, Music Officemusicinfo@calarts.edu Music Director, 2016. Current Positions. 661-255-1050, The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts. S�A싡q��GҊ�(*IJlL�"e�e�~�v L���dkf`������A�����T#���}���т�h�ks0�egsMŕW�1@�CK��N1���`���Vc�ER7�t�݊�u��Kv����L'�dbiXw>�Y�F���j�)��� 0V�/T, xj*,t���T�q�":pf�[����d 1 0 obj World Percussion Shop, buy frame drums, udus, cajons, percussion tutorial DVDs for hang and handpans Mount Royal University Conservatory of Music. Valencia, California 91355 CalArts is located in Santa Clarita, Calif., 30 miles north of Los Angeles. This study first evaluates the role of multi-percussion in the curriculum with a historical overview and a survey of current practices. �lݳ�r��zm��$E�� P���12M9�`���Lj���:k�j>,�����4��XDg. %���� The Upper School World Percussion Ensemble is a place where our students can shake off the stresses of everyday life, and experience interconnectivity and joy through percussion. In this percussion instruments lesson, 4th graders listen to percussive sound sources, learn playing techniques, and create compositions for … Curriculum Vitae. It will enable the applied teacher to tailor study toward 8 0 obj Fourth graders study percussion instruments from various world cultures. Explore the local area and community. Lethbridge Community Taiko Association. The curriculum is now free online at RootsofRhythm.net. This curriculum will function as a flexible outline that offers a balanced approach to applied percussion study and ensures that none of the basic areas of percussion are neglected. <> The MFA Program in Music is designed to enable students to acquire the multiple skillsets that will empower them to stake out their own, unique, career pathways to success. 6 0 obj endobj Undergraduate core courses are the foundation of BFA studies at CalArts, providing a strong general education and opportunities to deepen every student's artistic practice. <> I continue to get feedback from teachers and students that my world drumming approach with instrument making has been helpful. 4. Musical performance skills and pedagogical concepts may be acquired through the following: A. This option is available to a small number of graduates and advanced third- and fourth-year undergraduates whose skills and artistic interests warrant pursuing a degree in more than one School. percussion repertoire. Remo percussion products produce a superior sound quality and are the ideal support tool for the World Music Drumming Curriculum instructional program for middle school general music classes in developing … He studied Brazilian-, Cuban- and world-percussion at the conservatory in Rotterdam from 1996 - 2002 and played in countless bands and projects. x��WYo�H~���G{�o�)!�h�̱�4Z���{ǸYl�οߪj��B`������Ã�U�ϓi 77�ۺN�Y:����Z~L~,����%/�:W�hw�c�������y�J����Dž�^,zW��׻��W�o0��w�����4�� �w����-���X�1�� -ox�O�*p}�#. Offering innovative continuing education arts courses designed to meet the needs of both emerging artists and lifelong learners. It then explores the possibilities for integrating multi-percussion into the undergraduate percussion curriculum by providing a repertoire guide and a four-year course of study for stream <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 8 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> Development of technique on all percussion instruments using a uniform model 1. He has worked with renowned artist around the world, is a band member of Dead can Dance and has been producing instructional videos for various percussion instruments for more than 15 years. The program of study is designed to be a stimulating and challenging, collaborative learning environment, in which music and sound artists can refine and perfect their already distinctive voices to reach the highest levels of professional practice, while simultaneously exploring new and inspiring, creative territories. endobj 5 0 obj :��EU"�Uڻ�����Hv 5�&.��>L�_��'��?�x�#< k�r �ׂq�f�fC|"m;6��#Y�4���� I�3�5Q��� '��V:�������bZO"��i�&�Q0�+�l �����*��aٻ�{�x;�}�w;�����w�������O�ד������S� =�{F����g:�a,�w��>����m��8ZGqL���UjGhLh%1�k��v_F��u,X�e������hk����v=�S�s3��v߳X^�]��!J�(1���K�+�c���Rxh���͌a�鬬jH��B�(a�9w���i��;[�v��D�7�� At the same time students are working in the contexts of traditional world music, they are also focusing on contemporary experiments in performance, composition and improvisation.